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Rajiv Gandhi Assassination & Special Investigation Team- Part VIII

| by L.Annadoure

( September 9, 2013, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) The readers may recall to mind ourselves arriving at a conclusion that fabrication work in respect of 10 frames in the strip of film should have been done either at DRDO at Hyderabad or at the office of Hindu Daily News Paper and we may recall to memory as regards ‘The Hindu’ News paper initially publishing the picture of Danu, Kokila Kannan and Latha Kannan sans the picture of Sivarasan and later the press in general and the media having published the Frame 0 with the picture of Danu, Kokila Kannan and Latha Kannan and Sivarasan standing abreast and we can say that a conspiracy was hatched by the prosecution at the behest of some insiders that the assassins were LTTE cadres and Dr.Chandrasekaran the forensic expert was the chief conspirator in the conspiracy to assist the prosecutors in preparing a false report so as to enable the prosecutors to foist a false case against the accused persons and somehow give a decent burial to the case but what the Special investigation Team and the forensic expert had done was to bury the truth .

The question that props up for query is why Hindu News Paper should remove the picture of Sivarasan whose picture were to figure there in the impugned frame 0 which later made to depict the pictures of Danu, Kokila Kannan and Latha Kannan and Sivarasan standing abreast of each other? Was it not a work of fabrication done by the Hindu News paper and it was very much apparent that it was doing so at the behest of some body else! The alleged Sivarasan appearing in frame 0 was not identical in any way with one appearing in a picture where he was depicted as standing near his deceased comrade and that picture was a fake and the alleged Sivarasan appearing in frame 0 was a fake, a morphed picture and we will discuss about it in detail later.

Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam must necessarily answer.

During the material point of time photo enhancing machines were very much available in Chennai and this being so why the strip of film be taken to DRDO, Hyderabad. The Forensic expert had been saying that he had attempted to photo enhance the film with the help of Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam the ex- president of India. Enhancing the colouration of the photos, increasing or decreasing the brightness and contrast while printing the pictures could as well be done by any photo enhancing machine that were available in the photo studios in Chennai. If what the expert had stated be true then the right person to speak anything about the strip of film would be Dr.Abdul Kalam. He has to say about the missing frames from the strip of negative film where the 10 frames were said to contain and he must also answer as to whether the strip of negative film in whole was brought to him and whether the strip of film was already cut into separate frames 0 to 9 and thus such frames were brought to him? The negative roll of film at no stretch of imagination could be photo enhanced and while taking prints out of negative films photo enhancing could be possible and therefore nothing could be added to the already existing negative film which was said to have been developed and fixed at the State Forensic laboratory at Chennai. The opinion of this author is that the frames 0 to 9 were fabricated either at the office of Hindu News paper or at DRDO Hyderabad with the active connivance and collaboration of Dr.Chandrasekaran and the Special investigation Team had been one of the conspirators. All the 10 frames were fake and they were fabricated so as to suit their case that LTTE who with the help of local people had master minded the assassination. Here it must be pointed out that a Russian magazine has carried a news item very recently that assassination of Shri Rajiv Gandhi was the work of insiders and the Senior Advocate Mr.S.Duraisamy who had appeared for and defended the accused person in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case had answered a question while being interviewed by Tekalka web site by saying that the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was the handiwork of an insider. One Mr.Velusamy who is a well known senior Congress party member and a close friend of Dr.Subramaniyaswamy has come to suspect of Dr.Subramaniyaswamy of complicity in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and it was a shameful act on the part of Soniya Gandhi Government to have sought the services of Dr.Subramaniya swamy to act against the interest of Eelam Tamils and Tamils in general. We will see what the aforesaid Mr.Velumswamy has got to say about Mr.Subramaniyaswamy in the course of our discussion.

Earlier, this author has requested the readers to count the perforations in the cut frames 0 to 9 and every frame must necessarily have 8 perforations and all the frames 0 to 9 should have 80 perforations in all and supposing the frames 0 to 9 were to contain more than 80 perforations then we can vociferously and volubly say that the frames 0 to 9 are mere works of fabrication. Let us count the perforation in frames 0 to 9. In frame 0, there are 9 perforations although 1st perforation has been cut away partly; in frame 1, the 1st perforation is found cut away yet the space is there and there are 9 perforations in all; in frame 2 there are 9 perforations and half of 1st perforation is found cut away; in frame 3 there are 9 perforations; in frame 4 there are nine perforations though of course half of 1st perforation is found cut away; in frame 5, there are 8 and half perforations; in frame 6 there are nine perforations although 1st perforation is found cut but image in between 1st perforation and the next is there; in frame 7, there are nine perforations although 1st perforation as such has been cut away but the image in the space between 1st perforation and the next is there; in frame 8, there are nine perforations although the 1st perforation is cut away but the image in the space between 1st perforation and the next is there and in the frame 9, there are nine perforations although the 1st perforation is cut away but the image in the space between 1st perforation and the next is there. Totally there are 89 and half perforations. In frames 0 to 9 there should be only 80 perforations. The aforesaid 89 and half perforations account for 11 frames and 1 ½ perforations which have been unaccounted for. For the following reason the frames 0 to 9 had not originated from the same strip of negative film. Therefore the Special Investigation Team and the Forensic Expert Dr.Chandrasekaran should answer and account for the anomaly.

The author is of staunch belief that the pictures were first fabricated by morphing and with the morphed pictures negative film had been created which process could be done very easily in a studio by anyone who has some knowledge in photography.

In the previous part , we have incorporated the pictures which found place in frames 0 to 9 for the perusal of the readers. Let us take frame 0 for our analysis. The frame 0 did not contain the magnetic DX code at the bottom of the frame whereas rest of the frames did have the magnetic DX code and this being so, it could safely be said that the frame 0 was fabricated one and the frame 0 as such was not a replica of a frame of a negative film. 

All the pictures which we see above are magnified size of frame 0 where 1st of the persons who are seen standing and starting from left to right was Kokila Kannan and sandwiched between Kokila Kannan and her mother Latha Kannan was the assassin Danu whom the Forensic Expert had identified first as the assassin of Rajiv Gandhi and standing next to Latha Kannan was Sivarasan who had been said to be pretending and posing as a press reporter and identifying Danu standing between Kokila Kannan and Latha Kannan as the assassin of Rajiv Gandhi had been duly followed by others including the CBI and the Hindu News paper had been towing the stance propounded by the forensic Expert. This picture is absolutely a fake one, morphing done at the instance of the conspirators who had conspired together to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi who had been lured to his death by the conspirators. In the process of morphing the first layer consisting of dark back ground where a police woman was seen standing a little above the alleged Sivaranasn, had been made use of. Then the pictures of Kokila Kannan, alleged Danu, Latha Kannan and alleged Sivarasan had been dragged into and inserted by hiding their physique below the torso. The Forensic Expert had been saying that one Hariprasad had shot this picture with Cinnon Camera and manufacturer had stopped its production in the year 1974 and later the alleged photographer’s name was said to be Haribabu whose body was taken possession of quite surreptiously from Hospital in Kancheepuram and disposed of in all haste. We have seen already that no flash attached to a camera was found lying on and over the body of a girl who was said to be one Kokila Kannan and of whom it was said that she had recited a Hindi poem and that she had been standing first in the row starting from left to right in frame 0 and this girl and the dead girl beside whom the camera was lying were two different persons and in fact the Forensic expert had published yet another picture of the dead girl in his book and in fact much morphing had been done in order to show the position of the camera said to have been used to shoot the film. The girl whom we see in frame 0 and the girl whose face turned towards Rajiv Gandhi in frame 8 were pictures of two different girls, for the ribbon knots of the girls in frame 0 and frame 8 were different. There is no knowing as to whether girl in frame was wearing a pant or skirt. The girl said to be Kokila Kannan in frame 0 appeared older by two or three years then the girl who was appearing in frame 8 and further the girl appearing and reciting a poem in frame 8 was found to have her shirt or blouse tucked inside her skirt and bound tight by a black belt. The girl appearing and said to recite a Hindi poem had been created to suit the evil designs on the part of Special Investigation Team and we may discuss about frame 8 in detail later.

We have spoken of the girl beside whom or over her the camera was lying and the forensic expert would state that he was inserting another photo of the same girl to show the position of camera lying beside the girl and the humble opinion of this author is both the pictures were morphed and then negatives were created and photos were printed from the negatives and thereafter the photos came to be published in his book. The pictures of the girls lying dead are incorporated below and the readers will not find any difficulty in concluding that both the pictures had been fabricated, morphed rather. 

The Cameras found lying in both the pictures were different, for the readers may not find the name of camera in the first picture and the camera in the second picture did contain a small black coloured strip which might be imprint of name of the camera or photo sensor. The hot shoe in the camera in the first picture where photo flash used to be affixed could be seen prominently but whereas the hot shoe in the camera figuring in the second picture could be seen lying just below the eye piece . Let us see what Dr.Chandrasekaran had to say; he said the following: “The mystery was solved the next day when my forensic photographer met me along with his police counter part. Varadharajan, the police photographer was the first to find the camera lying between the dead bodies and to take a photograph of that scene as the press photographers also followed suit”. Please note the position of the bend in the elbow in the girls appearing in the aforementioned pictures and the shape of their hand were different and note also the pair of bangles that had parted considerably in the first picture and see also the pair of bangles which were lying closer in the other picture. The girl appearing dead in the second picture was wearing a scarf around her neck and she was found wearing a different apparel than the ones shown wearing in frame 0 and frame 8 and we have to thank Dr.Chandrasekaran for uncovering the falsity of his own report and had he not written the book in praise of him we would not have got opportunity to peruse the photos which were morphed to suit the occasion. The forensic expert and Special Investigation Team had prepared false report and made the courts to believe the contents of report as true and made the court to rely on it and rely on the evidence tendered in corroboration of such a false report for convicting the accused persons who despondently do languish in jail after losing their prime of youth for no fault of theirs and therefore necessary legal steps have to be taken to prosecute the forensic expert and the Special Investigation team and their prosecutors for having prepared false report , submitted the same before the designated court and given false evidence by adhering contents, before the successor court of the designated court and this author is ready to extend all possible help and assistance in such a prosecution. We will continue our discussion in respect of frame 0 further and other frames in our next part.

To be Continued..... 

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