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Where is going the politics of Bangladesh?

| by Swadesh Roy 

( October 18, 2013, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Now Bangladesh is in festive mood but if you go to any club or any place where intellectual peoples gather, you can hear a different discussion and that is regarding politics. The same thing is also discussed by some common people in there assembly. Because there are some sort of political uncertainty in Bangladesh now.

According to the government version, there is no political uncertainty in the country. The concise speech of them is that, they have made amendment in the constitution according to the direction of the Supreme Court of the country. So, the country is now running as per the direction of the constitution and they have no right to do any thing out of the constitution. On the other hand, the demand of the opposition is that, they want a non political neutral government, which they called caretaker government for conducting general election of the country. They think that, if government goes under the direction of the constitution, election will not be held free and fair because election will be conducted under the present government. They don’t consider it that under the present government a free and fair election will be held. However, the government has given the answer several times that, under this government more than five thousand local government election and more than twenty by- election of the parliament member have been held and in very recently five big city corporation election were held and all the city corporation election the opposition have won. So, it is not true, which hasbeen told by the opposition that free- fair election will not be held under this government. In addition, they are telling that there is no scope for adding caretaker system in the constitution. Besides that Prime Minister is telling that, we have seen caretaker government more than three times; they were basically military back government besides in 2007 to 2008 those two years the country was run by an unconstitutional government in the name of caretaker government. That is why in any stage we have to start a political system. We have to keep faith in political system. One the other hand, the opposition is telling that, government has violated the judgment of Supreme Court, in the judgment of the Supreme Court the Justice gave an observation that two elections could be held under the caretaker government. In spite of that government did not add the caretaker system in the constitution. Government is telling that it is half truth, in that observation, Justice has written that, caretaker government is an unconstitutional matter but if the parliament thinks they can make a provision of caretaker system for two terms. However, the parliament has made a constitution amendment committee, they discussed with different forum of the society and they have taken the final decision. 

However, now in Bangladesh, it is the reality that the present government will not go for a re-amendment of the constitution and they are advancing for an election according to constitution. Probably government will go to give a direction to the election commission for heading general election. In that case the government of the election time must be formed by the present government in mid November. 

Now it is mid-October and Bangladesh is going through a big festival which is Eid Ul Azha. All the government offices are now closed. And most of the people of Dhaka city have gone to their village home. They will return by 22 or 23 October. On the other hand the present session of the parliament will continue till 24 October and in a meeting of the secretary of the the country the Prime Minister declared that, after 25 October the present government will not call any parliament session. From this declaration, the oppositions have made confusion in the country; they have circulated that 25 October is the last working day of this government. So, after that time if the government continues, they are not legal. So, at that time opposition will go for a tough road agitation that the government should bound to step down. Besides that, in Bangladesh, now there is another problem that is the trial of the war criminals. Their followers have been doing one kind of arms struggle to make destabilize the government for last ten months. They have killed many of the law enforcement members besides they have tried many times to make a communal riot. For this reason they have killed the minority people mostly those belonging to Hindu religion and they have vandalized many temples and the sculpture of the Goddess. According to media these war criminal followers are preparing to hit the government to join with other Islamic fundamentalist parties and group. 

To see the spreading of this confusion, last week the Prime Minister has made it clear, she has told it through the working committee meeting of her party that according to the constitution this government can continue till 24 January of 2014. Besides that she also said that, if the opposition does any harm to the people, government will not tolerate it. Government will prevent it in any cost. After the declaration of the Prime Minister, the general secretary of the of the main opposition party, Bangladesh Nationalist Party has told that from 24 October they will play a final game, it will take one week only; simultaneously his senior colleague Shadek Hossien Khoka, one of the standing committee members of his party said, his part will go for a arms struggle from 25 October against government. War criminals followers are now in one kind of arms struggle; if the main opposition goes in the same way, it will not be a good sign for the country. Bangladesh law enforcement members are enough to spoil it but it is not good for the politics. It must help one portion of the politics to take the path of the terrorism. 

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, and Bangaldesh he can be reached at swadeshroy@gmail.com
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