Painting on British suppression in Sri Lanka

The 1818 AD Sri Lankan Sinhalese rebellion against occupation

| by Seneca Godamunne

( November 12, 2013, Florida, Sri Lanka Guardian) Buildings in my ancestral village (Godamunne) were also set on fire by the English at that time. This village is about 12 miles East of Kandy. A lot of people were killed from that village. My wife, my son and I went there in Sept 2010. The chief priest of "Sagama" Buddhist temple (near Talatuoya and Godamunne village) told us that he has read about these events in the temple records. Reports on the events were also found (by Sri Lankan researchers) in the archives in England - in the recent times). Seven people were slaughtered and hung bleeding from the rafters of the "ambalama" (travelers rest) in that village - to frighten them into submission. My ancestral home there was occupied by English troops and used as a fort - and later set ablaze. My ejected ancestors moved to Ampitiya. That house in Ampitiya still exists.

Painting by Sri Lankan painter Weerakkody