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What are the communal implications?

| by a Special Correspondent

(November 5, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is reported that the Badhrakaali Amman temple was totally destroyed by the unidentified group of people on the last week. This cowardly act of some extremist Buddhists fanatics should be condemned by peace loving people of this country. This temple has been there in this small township for more than thirty years and yet, this temple has been destroyed in the pretext of sacred Buddhist land. Whatever reason has been cited for the destruction of temple it is not acceptable at all. Whether it is demolished under township development project or Buddhist sacred land expansion project it is unacceptable that some groups of people take the law in their hands as if Sri Lanka is lawless land ruled by thugs and gangsters. Even if it is demolished under these so called projects there must be some legal procedures to get proper approval from some court orders. 

In this case there was no court order or approval from any one. This was no any official order from anyone but this temple was demolished by some crafty people in a clandestine manner to hide the identity of the culprits who destroyed it. No doubt that this was the work of some Buddhist fanatics and there must be some influence political baddie behind this demolition. Who gives orders to do this type of anti-communal activities and in Sri Lanka today justice system has become a joke and it is some politicians overrule all legal procedures and judgements. It is the rules of jungles that dominate in Sri Lanka today.

Tamil community is scattered in each and every of district in Sri Lanka today. A significant numbers of Tamils live in inner parts of Sri Lanka outside of north and east. . Some of them have been living in these districts traditionally for many years and some of them have moved to these areas in recent times. Like all other communities they too must have freedom and rights to do their religious rites and duties. These are fundamental basic human rights of Tamil community and yet, in recent time after defeating LTTE some extreme Buddhist groups have begun to wage cultural wars against minority communities. This is done with the support of some influential political thugs. No genuine politician will endorse such attacks on the religious places of any other religions. After all politicians should be working for all communities without any bias.

As a part of this crafty scheme they have begun to demolish mosques, Kovils and churches. Soon after LTTE was defeated these extremist Buddhist fanatics begun building Buddhists temples in some parts of North East provinces of Sri Lanka. Now they have begun to demolish some of the religious sites of minority communities in inner parts of Sri Lanka. The evidence for such claim is abundant and recently mosques belonging to Muslim community have been demolished in some part of Sri Lanka. Some churches have been ransacked in some parts of Sri Lanka. TodayBadhrakaali Amman Kovil is demolished as a part of this crafty scheme of cultural war.

Tomorrow many more sacred places of minority communities would be destroyed by these thugs. This is nothing but a cultural war against minority communities in Sri Lanka. This is done openly today in Sri Lanka. This cultural war is waged with the full support of some Singhalese politicians. This present Sri Lankan government is destroying cultural heritages and symbols of minority communities in each and every district in the pretext of protecting Buddhism.

Budu Bala Sena was created by some politicians to wage this cultural war against the minority communities. It argues that Buddhism is in danger of extinction in Sri Lanka and it further claims that theminority communities are endangering Buddhism. This is the excuse they have to wage war against minority communities. Rather than identifying their own reasons for the declining of Buddhism in Sri Lanka they point their fingers on others for their own faults. It may be true that that Buddhism is decline in SL. One of reasons for that might be that most of Buddhist people do not practice their religions and they rarely go to the temples or they rarely care about it and most of them are influenced by the western way of life and becoming increasing atheists among them. It is not the fault of other religious people. BBS and its cohorts should examine their communal faults rather than having communal jealousy of other religious groups.

This may be the beginning of the attacks on religious sites of other communities and many more will follow this demolition if this government does not do something to curtail this situation. They would wait until GHOGM is over to continue all their dirty works. It is high time that all religious leaders of different faith come together and raise their objection to this type of vandalism and attacks on the religious rites of minority communities. It is high time to create a common platform of civil force of all different faith communities to fight this fascist of forces of racism and anti- Religious group.

At this time in our history in Sri Lanka communities should come together. Creating divisions among communities in the name of religion must be avoided. It is pathetic to note that traditionally we have this habit of creating division. Rather than making unity among communities we are happy to create disunity. That is what exactly BBS is doing today. Where does BBS want to take this beautiful Island? Do they want to destroy the entire cultural heritage of all other minority communities to create a utopian Buddhists Island?
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