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Over rated Aam Aadmi party in India

| by N.S.Venkataraman

( January 10, 2014, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) The huge space aam aadmi party is getting in Indian media highlights the fact that one can get media attention by indulging in gimmicks, becoming sensational, making tall claims and even without showing any credible performance ,and proven capability in administration and governance. Every third day, aam aadmi party is coming out with some sensational claims and tactics, obviously with the intention of getting the media attention. What is surprising is that critical questions are not being put to representatives of aam aadmi party by the media , making one suspect that the representatives of the media itself lack critical analytical capability or they just want only sensational news.

The aam aadmi party’s decision to assume power in Delhi with the support of congress party, which party they bitterly opposed during the Delhi election and called it corruption ridden to the core, is a mockery and amount to fooling the electorates who voted for the aam aadmi party . It gave an extraordinary explanation that it has not asked for the support of congress party but congress party gave support and it accepted it only accepted it. It tried to explain away its decision to form the government with the outside support of congress party , by conducting a so called public consultation process, which many suspect to be a gimmick. Obviously, aam aadmi party is taking the public intelligence in India for granted. Now, even after 2014 election, the same type of arrangement between aam aadmi party and congress party may take place.

Aam aadmi party is making national claims, even without announcing any comprehensive socio economic strategies to take the country forward. All it says is that it would root out corruption and is trying to create huge public expectations about its determination to root out corruption. Obviously, it is pitching for 2014 polls and nobody seems to be asking it as to how it would really root out corruption. The media is not questioning Kejriwal about several allegations against him as government officer and the party’s so called transparent method of collecting funds, which has mostly come from NRI abroad who are not voters in India. Amongst the 28 legislators, elected to Delhi assembly on behalf of aam aadmi party, it is reported that atleast 12 persons are crorepathis and wealthy persons. It is now announcing that several rich business men, professionals, artists are all joining aam aadmi party and obviously, aam aadmi party is enticing them by offering them seats to contest in the parliamentary poll. These rich persons have the resources themselves to spend for their election campaign and they probably think that with the media support for the aam aadmi party , they will be able to win elections and become M Ps and ministers. It remains to be seen as to whether these fair weather friends will continue to remain in aam aadmi party, in the event of the party not doing well in the forthcoming poll. It cannot be missed that these people did not join aam aadmi party earlier before the Delhi elections.

So far, aam aadmi party has practically remained as an abusing party against everyone else and “this capability” appears to be enough for the media to give huge coverage for the party.

What is very shocking is that the media which claims to reflect public opinion , is not making any distinction between Kejriwal and a reputed economist like Dr. Manmohan Singh (what ever may be his performance in recent times) and Narednra Modi with excellent track record in governance as Chief Minister .

One is afraid now to think as to what would happen to the country’s governance , if Kejriwal and his group, who are not only inexperienced but are proving themselves to be sensation seeking personalities and with tremendous capability to use vituperative language against their opponents , would happen to assume power in central government after 2014 elections, by their clever propaganda campaign with the help of media. This could prove to be disastrous for the country.

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