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Please, one capital punishment

| by Swadesh Roy

( January 22, 2014, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) All over the world minority is the most vulnerable community in any society. So every modern society and modern state has a duty to protect minority and make sure equal right for them. If anywhere, minority felt insecure, anxious and they are tortured or persecuted by the majority community or any group of majority community, it is a short come of that society and the failure of the state. However, every modern state has a duty to provide equal right to each citizen but should take extra attention to the minority community which is not legal bindings, a morality.

In ancient world, we have seen many persecutions of race, cast, ethnic groups and others. But those were the incidents of hundreds year ago. Now the world is living in an optimum civilized age. Despite this range of civilization world cannot come out from this chronic harm rather we are carrying it in different manner. Sometimes we are carrying it in the name of politics, in the name of religion and in the name of race and others. However, it is true now there is no society that the whole society carries it. Most of the time, it happened by some opportunist groups of the society or by the state.

In Bangladesh, from 1946 communal conflict started in the name of religion. History says the British provoked it. Who provoked that is not main, reality is that the then India along with Bengal had to give too must cost of it. We cut the geography, we killed own brothers even we raped our sisters and mothers. The history books and the literatures are giving the speech of the witnesses. Anyway, the present situation is different, now any country of the then India or subcontinent, only minority persecution is happened because in every part of the then India minority is very much less in number of population. So communal conflict is now a part of history, persecution or tortured and a preplan killing and looting is the present phenomenon.

After starting, the war criminal trial in Bangladesh, with the help of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) the Jammat-e- Islami (Jammat) has started attacking on the minority. They were doing it by killing minority people and arson their home and looting their house. After that, they have started breaking temples and the statue of the Goddess. It turned into a severe form after the verdict of Sydee , one of the main war criminals. It was a havoc for the country but it also turned into a storm after the returning of Begum Zia from Singapore and giving support to the anarchy of Jammat. However, they attacked on the government property and the Awami League people but their attack on the minority was a planed game. From the beginning of the war criminal trial Jammat along with the BNP were attacking on the minority for a very cunning goal. By attacking on the minority, they wanted a reaction of it in India. If any communal party or group acts it in same way, they would be able to create a communal sentiment in Bangladesh. They tried repeatedly it. In spite of that, they failed. They wanted to spoil the election but they failed ultimately. This failure made them so much aggravated and then they played the last minority card again. They hoped that this time any of Indian communal party and group will react. They hoped that the general election of India is up -coming so Bharatio Janata Party (BJP) could take it as an election card. However, they did not think that despite some minority persecution a terrorist free Bangladesh is more important to any party of India. Besides, now Sheikh Hasina is in power again so she will try her best to give security to her minority people. Even the minority people of Bangladesh also believe that Sheikh Hasina can give them more protection because she is not only the head of the government what’s motto is secularism; she is also the daughter of Bangabndu.

So now, ball is in the court of Sheikh Hasina. She has to ensure the security of the minority people and she has to make it sure that minority is secured in Bangladesh forever. We Bengali and the Bangladesh have a pride, we are the only part of the British India, and we declared our independence based on secularism. We are the first nation of this sub-continent who had included secularism in constitution. India had followed us later. So we are ahead in this subcontinent. That is why we have to make a path to stop this minority persecution forever. This opportunity or the holy duty for the humanity is now in the shoulder of Sheikh Hasina. Killing of a minority is not a normal killing even the arson, looting and the rape of a minority is not normal crime. It is the crime against humanity. Sheikh Hasina has absolute majority in the parliament. She can easily make a law for the quick and right punishment for the criminal who attacks, kills, rape and arson to minority. This law will have to be tough. By making this law, please give at least one capital punishment to one criminal. This example will help to stop it and it will be the guideline for this subcontinent to stop the minority persecution.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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