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Sri Lanka Foreign Service in death row

Well-known “ Pandamkaree” appointed as the secretary

( January 17, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) As reported by the media earlier the President Mahinda Rajapaksa has forced Mr. K Amunugama, Secretary of the Foreign Ministry to retire from the post. So, Mr. Amunugama retired from his post on 16 January 2014 as yet another victim of infamous Condom Theory of Rajapakse regime.

Mother of all Diplomatic 'Dances’

According to the sources Mrs. Kshenuka Senewirathna has been appointed as new Secretary of the Foreign Ministry. As we reported earlier this appointment has been done in accordance with deal struck between Senewirathna and Sajin Vass Gunawardena who is the unofficial Foreign Minister. The main elements of the deal is to absorb all politically appointed sons/daughters of friends of MR to the Sri Lanka Foreign Service, to dissolve the Foreign Service and amalgamate it with Sri Lanka Administrative Service and other related services. Mr. Amunugama being a true public servant vehemently opposed this activity and it led to his downfall.

Senewirathna’s name has now been sent to the Government Printing Department to announce the appointment through Gazette. It will also be placed before the High Post Committee of Parliament soon (a rubber stamp committee that clears each and every rogue nominated by MR) for its clearance.

In addition, Sajin Vass has recently removed Mr. Kapila Jayaweera, the powerful Director General of the Overseas Administration Division of the Foreign Ministry at the request of Kshenuka Senewirathna. To replace Jayaweera, Senewirathna has asked Sajin Vass to appoint Jauhar, another Foreign Service Officer who worked under Senewirathna in Geneva. This appointment has been made accordingly. Our sources say that Jayaweera also opposed the politicization of the Foreign Ministry and therefore he has also been shown the door like Amunugama. According to rumours circulating in the Foreign Ministry Senewirathna is going to use Jauhar to implement the politicization process of the Foreign Ministry.

Hapless officers of the Ministry are waiting to see their fate unfold in the coming weeks.

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