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Monday, March 10, 2014

Do They Needs Another Ealam War?

| by Rex Wijewardana
(Views expressed in this article are author own)

(March 10, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is worthy to notice what the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council Mr.C.V.Wigneswaran commented at the University Grants Commission where he said it is noteworthy on account of the resolution that was passed after a few months has at the Northern Provincial Council calling for an international investigation into war crimes. It was the crucial issue that government resists categorically rejecting the call by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Nawaneetham Pillay to establish an international inquiry to investigate the alleged violations of Human Rights.

Govt. pointed out as it has not received the endorsement of the intergovernmental process ,it has neither credence nor legitimacy to proceed.

Chief Minister commented that the Govt. has been forming of big infrastructure projects that do not give priority to the people who live by the sides of these big projects .They live in huts where next to them are Government buildings and big wider roads. This is nothing but against the Govt’s massive infra-structure plans. He suggests steps should be taken immediately to confine the military to barracks and formulate a plan for a possible withdrawal from the Northern Province .Sri Lanka do not required a massive defense structure.

What can you gauge by his views quite contrary to Govt’s solid plans to develop the country on the whole to an unprecedented level? His future plans with the sentiments, encouragement of the TNT leader and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu he underlined at inaugural meeting of the Council which I will highlighted later.

The charade of setting up Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka has lasted long enough, 30 years to be precise. Tamil Nadu has been happen to watch from the balcony attempts to set up the foundation for Eelam in Sri Lanka as prescribed by Indian Government.

We began to understand the calls from across the Palk Strait and the efforts taking place to plug the North of Sri Lanka into a greater Eelam as a token appreciation for all the 30 years of toil having coaxed Sri Lanka’s Govt. into holding election and placing a Chief Minister inspire of his education and legal experience in willing to chirp the Elam song.

This excerpt I extracted with curtsey, from a very strong article contributed by one Senali Waduge to the Island’s newspaper, the Nation, published on 16th of February.

She further commented, in whatever synonyms Eelam is promoted what it cannot hide in the ultimate endeavors to carve out a separate state from its current allegiance. Therefore whether it is in Sri Lanka or Tamil Nadu that separate state endeavor is the ultimate objective…. Eelam be in Sri Lanka or Tamil Nadu is of strategic concern for both nations.

To achieve this objective of the Eelam war which did not materialized within 30 years now attempt is being taken very methodically, intelligently and shrewdly with the motivation of Sampathan, Jayalalitha and Karunanidi by the Chief Minister of the northern Provincial Council to plug in the northern region or in Tamil Nadu.

This strategic plan he has motivated with the thrust he got from Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay’s motivation in her report to oust military contingents from the North and distributed all the lands grabbed by the Government among the IDPs in the first instance. Meanwhile making an attempt to get down pro-LTTE Diaspora from England,Canada,America,Australia and other countries who are more cordial with Heads of those countries.

The Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council made a clarion call to the pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora to join hands with him in the pretext to reconstruction and develop the war tone Northern Province. Complementing the Tamil Diaspora he commented that it gives him an the community great pleasure that many of them are doing well and that their support is urgently needed to get back what the Tamils in the North have lost during the recent years. He suggested that their kith and kin eagerly waiting to get the support of them who had been adversely affected by the war. He requested the Diaspora to suggest ways and means of increasing the income potentials and identity suitable projects which would help the northern people to stand on their own. He invited members of the Diaspora to come down to the North which is their own land and establish it in the way that they feel how it should be. This is the exact modality Tamil Tigers planned to curve. Now it is easier and bigger, that is the entire Northern Province including Kayts and Kachative.

If it is to be action based on democratic principles they could get the genuine support of the Tamil Nadu and establish the North in purely a Tamil way. He further envisaged. In that situation even if it comes to a war struggle they should prepare to face. They need not bring their weapons to bury in the Island as Prabhakaran did, but could be kept in the safe hands of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who is awaiting the opportunity to help the Tamils in the Northern Province with the underhand scheme to join together and perhaps with the motive to curve a bigger region away from the Delhi Government. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister fighting so vigorously to get the Kachative perhaps for the Diaspora who could use it as a base to launch pad to release missiles to teach a bitter lesson to Southerners in the Island. If the distance from Kachative to down south is too far let the bombs find its targets at the centre of the Island. Once LTTE tried to Demolish Tooth Relic Temple. It became a failure but this occasion it will be an exact target. So they will make another attempt. Because they hate Bodu Bala Sena and other Buddhist camps.

Once the pretext of Diaspora pro-Eelam elements come over here and started the second Eelam war, this time there is absolutely no difficulty as the region is already demarcated.

Chief Minister commented brain drain that affected the Northern Province is continuing to held sway and needs to be addressed. He said at a meeting held in Jaffna in a conference titled ‘Democratizing the North’. His shrewd plan could be clearly understand by these mild
opinion where he said that the people he had to work with were used to certain way of doing things which was not productive and in addition there did not appear to be qualified enough human resources in the North to chew the daunting task of building back the province into a vibrant economy. For this reason we have initiated dialogue with the government to facilitate the return of Sri Lankan Tamils who have obtained foreign citizenship as part of our aim to ensure that dialogue is a two way process. We have expressly noted that there is a possibility that the Government may have security concerns and have the establishment of a fair security procedure to screen those who return and help those who are less fortunate.

In this pretext there is the easiest possibility to invite Pro- Tiger Tamils for a second Eelam war which could be finished not in 26 years but in 26 days.

To justify what Tigers did during the past 26 years

With curtsey to Lanka page on Feb.25th I wish to quote the sentiments and inner motivation of the leader of the main Tamil Party of the North, the Tamil National Alliance, where in the Lanka page it was clearly reveals.

TNA said that the Report submitted by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is comprehensive and accurate depiction of the serious human rights issue in the country.

Welcoming the report TNA in a statement said a number of serious concerns the Commissioner raised in the report to the 25thb session of the United Nations Human Rights Council are primarily on the reconcillation and accountability.TNA accused the Government in this concern the treatment of former combatants and detainees, attacks on religious minorities ,the attacks on on the freedom of expressions, the Government’s dismal record in implementing LLRC recommendations and the Govt’s disinterest in making progress on accountability.TNA said “unequivocally” support High Commissioner’s recommendations that the Human Rights Commissioner has embodied in her entire Report.

TNA is particularly concerned over the high levels of militarization on the security in the entire Northern Province. It would be a hindrance to invite the Tamil Diaspora so long as military is present in the Northern Province. Their inner sentiment is nothing but to punish the Head of the Government and allied officials who were responsible for the slaughtering of Tigers at the final stage of the unscrupulous war. To support and strengthen this fact one Dr.Tellie Rajaratnam contributing an article to Sri Lanka Guardian on Feb.26, has quoted the article 3 of the The Universal Declaration where it underlined, that everyone has the right to life; and the provision of article 30 of the Declaration prescribes that nothing in the Declaration may be interpreted as imply for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedom set for the herein.

An act of terrorism by a non-governmental entity against civilians is surely a violation of the Human Rights of its victims and surely a crime against humanity as well. This indirectly suggests the holocaust where Tigers devastated the Island during the 26 years in the terrorist war and killing thousands innocent human beings were justifiable. It was a deadly crime that committed by the Government by wiping out the terrorist outfit by killing the leader, Vel pillai Prabakaran at the last stages of the conflict. Oh what a justice!

Another allegation leveled against the Sri Lankan army on 27th instant by the US State Secretary is an accusation probably based on hints and admonitions by pro-LTTE members in foreign soils to say security forces committed human rights abuses which is entirely a false accusation as they were strictly under senior military personnel such commitments would not have ever occurred. Army leaders assured.

On Thursday ,Senator, James Inhofe on behalf of 11 Senators tells US Government and International community to help Sri Lanka to solve her problems with a domestic plan. His resolution further explains that the Sri Lanka Govt. developed the National Plan of Action to implement the recommendations of the LLRC and has made significant progress within limited time the implementation of the National Plan of Action, notably in the areas of demining, rehabilitation of ex-combatants, resettlement of displaced persons, improvements of the infrastructure and social services in the North and the East as well as investigations into complaints regarding persons who have disappeared during the war.

Pro-LTTE Tamil group had appealed on the 5th of March for Australia to co-sponsor UN human rights work who have welcomed the US led Human Rights resolution calling for international probe. TNA MP Sumathiran has personally visited Australia to enlighten this move. When opportunity instigate they will start the war again as such military should not be withdrawn from the North.

On the contrary, Human Rights Commissioner is a Tamil. Chief Minister of the Province is also a Tamil and however educated, however broad minded when the Tamil issues come up, they will expose their Tamil sentiments. Tamil is a Tamil whatever the occasion is. In such occasion their genuine Tamil sentiments will become brimful and fight hard closer to their hearts. Their inner feelings hate Sinhala Buddhists, however Govt. tries to unite the two communities it will never come to pass. Tamil is a Tamil! Tiger will never change its spots!