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Saturday, March 15, 2014

The electricity bill of ‘people’s benevolent patriotic son of Sri Lanka’

| Lanka Truth

( March 15, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The monthly electricity bill of the official residence of the Minister of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing & Common Amenities Wimal Weerawansa, who was awarded the title ‘Janahithakamy Desha Hithaishi Sri Lanka Puthra’ (people’s benevolent patriotic son of Sri Lanka)recently exceeds Rs.100,000 say reports.

According to Electricity Board bill No. 0794096840 the December tariff for the official residence used by Minister. Weerawansa at No. B 13/6 at Stanmore Crescent in Colombo 7 is Rs. 118,176.80. The number of electricity units used during this month was 2091 and the total sum that had to be paid for the month was Rs. 143,870.44.

According to sources in Ceylon Electricity Board the January bill for Minister. Weerawansa’s official residence had been Rs.133.000 and the number of units used during the month had been 2300. The number of units used for February was 2071 and the tariff was Rs.116,000.

On 18th January Minister Weerawansa’s ministry has paid Rs.142,000 for the CEB and Rs.25,693.64 remained as arrears state CEB sources.

When inquired the Secretary to the Ministry of Construction, Engineering Services, Housing & Common Amenities P.H.L.W. Perera told media he was not aware of the bills that have to be paid for electricity consumed but water, electricity and other bills of the official residence of the Minister are paid by the Ministry.

He further said the official residences of ministers are large and large electricity bills have to be paid as the houses are air conditioned and high voltage bulbs are used.

 Wimal Weerawansa: A profile

Full name: Weerasangilige Wimal Weerawansa

Aliases: Wimalasiri Gamlath and Wanshanatha

Address: No: 570/5, Siyambalape, Mawaramandiya, Kadawatha. (former) No 26 B, Eight Lane, Ananda Balika Mawatha, Pita Kotte (former) 198/19, Panchikawatte Road, Colombo 10. (office) 163/6/1,Vimukthi Mawatha, Pittugala, Malabe (disclosed private address)

Date of birth: March 7, 1970

Occupation: JVP parliamentarian for Colombo District

Civil status: Married. Wife: Ranasinghe Mudiyanselage Shirsha Udayanthi

Date of birth: February 1, 1967

NIC No: 675320233V

Children: Son - Wibhuthi Wishwajith Weerawansa (8) Daughter - Wimasha Wishwadari Weerawansa (4)

Haunts: No. 14, Modarawatte, Palena, Weligama; "Savithri," Makewita, Malegoda, Matara; No. 59, Rit Rit Park, Kekanadura, Matara

Associates: Members of the JVP politburo, Central Committee members and other active members of the JVP.

Passport No: M1691301

NIC No: 700670805V

Position in the party: Propaganda Secretary of the JVP; Politburo member of the JVP; Co-ordinating secretary of the JVP for Western Province Members of Parliament representing Colombo since 2000. Currently functions as Group Leader of the JVP in parliament.

Personal description: Height: 5' 4"

Complexion: Brown

Appearance: Slim and bearded. Hair parted in the middle and combed backwards.

Educational Qualifications: Was admitted as a student of Tissa Central College, Kalutara on January 1, 1977. Sat for his G.C.E. O/L Examination in 1986 and passed obtaining 2 Distinctions (D), 3 Credit passes (C) and 3 Ordinary passes (S). After passing the G.C. E. (O/L) Examination in 1986, he attended the G.C.E. (A/L) classes. He studied in the Arts Stream at Tissa Central, Kalutara. On April 30,1989, the school principal terminated his studentship on the grounds of prolonged absence from classes. In 1998, he submitted an application to sit for one subject (English language) at the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination, but failed to turn up at the examination centre. On March 9, 1990, he obtained his school- leaving certificate (No. 204716) from Tissa Central College, Kalutara.

Family background: Father - Weerasangilige Podineris. Was a dancing teacher at Velapura Maha Vidyalaya, Kalutara. Professional drummer and dancer who had performed with Niththawala Gunaya Gurunnase. Podineris Gurunnase received the Kala Wibhushana award from President Ranasinghe Premadasa for his contribution to the performing arts. It has been falsely publicised that he died on May 22, 1992 whereas he actually passed away a decade later.

Mother: Wadachcharige Salie - residing at 59, Rit Rit Park, Kekanadura, Matara.

Brother: Sarath Weerawansa. Represented Matara Municipal Council from 1997 to 2002. Currently functions as a full time JVP activist.

Elder sisters: Weerasangilige Sumanawathie. Married to Wadachcharige Hemasiri, a carpenter by profession. They live at "Savithri," Makewita, Malegoda, Matara.

Younger sister: Chandani Weerawansa. Unemployed. Lives with the mother at the Kekanadura residence.

Younger sister: NilaniWeerawansa. Unemployed. Resides at the Kekanadura residence.

Involvements: Published articles in pro-JVP periodicals Lakdiva and Hiru in order to propagate the policies of the JVP. Functioned as the president of the Peoples' Movement for Freedom (Nidahasa Udesa Janatha Viyaparaya). At the general elections held on August 16, 1994, contested the Matara District as a candidate of the Sri Lanka Progressive Front (SLPF) and polled 302 votes. Participated in the summit meeting of the JVP held on May 15,1995 at the Tangalle Urban Council hall where he was appointed propaganda secretary of the JVP. At the local government elections held on March 21,1997, he submitted his nomination papers to contest the Colombo District and was elected a member of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) by obtaining the ration of preferential votes. He unsuccessfully contested the Western Provincial Council (WPC) elections on the JVP ticket for the Colombo District. The JVP hierarchy nevertheless appointed him as a member of the WPC. Successfully contested the general elections held on October 10, 2000 on the JVP ticket for Colombo District and was elected. He obtained 13,284 preferential votes. Successfully contested the general elections held on December 5, 2002 on the JVP ticket for the Colombo District and was elected, obtaining 19,128 preferential votes. In 2004, he once again was elected to parliament polling the second highest preferential votes from the entire Colombo District, coming second to UNP Leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe. Active member of Patriotic National Movement (PNM).