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BBS & Plots

| by A Special Correspondent

( April 13, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Once again BBS is making trouble in Sri Lanka. It has been quiet for some time and they have been waiting until UN votes against Sri Lanka is over and now they have making trouble against all minority communities in Sri Lanka. Once a Tamil friend of mine reminded me that since independence Singhalese people have been making trouble for minorities and in support of his argument he mentioned many communal riots against minorities such as 1956 and 1983 riots.

Again in 2009 in the name of fighting LTTE Tamil people are victimised and yet no viable solution is given to Tamil people. Yet, no local or international community talk about this injustice. Even they talk about it no concrete action has been taken on this issue.

Likewise all other minority communities have been victimised or being threaten by self- proclaimed Buddhist police force (BBS). Why BBS is mistreating minorities’ communities today in Sri Lanka? What made this sudden change of attitudes in the minds of some extremist Buddhists? Particularly, in the minds of BBS and it's cohorts. There are some theories about this sudden emerge of BBS in Sri Lanka:

I shall examine some of these theories to know some true facts about this Buddhist force: we all know well that BBS doesn't have any grassroots support. They do not have support of Singhalese academics, clerics or politicians except a few

Let me examine some of hidden factors about origin of BBS: it appears that BBS is suffering from defeated mentality: one friend of mine told me that Singhalese people are majority in Sri Lanka and yet majority people live with the mind-set of minority or with minority mentality. This description appears to be somewhat true when we see mind set of BBS:

Today Singhalese forces control each and every nook and corners of Sri Lanka and army is stronger than any time in Sri Lankan history and the parliament is dominated by Singhalese politicians and executive power is in the hands of Singhalese: yet, why BBS suffers from defeated mentality or minority mentality today than ever before in Sri Lankan history.

It appears that this physiological factor has contributed greatly to the activities of BBS. They behave as if Sri Lanka is invaded by all minorities’ communities and as if Singhalese not a majority in Sri Lanka. Why is this unnecessary fear?

More ironically BBS acts and behaves with some false theories and conjunctures: BBS lives with some illusions and not with realities. This psychological fear and panics are apparent in the emotional speeches and talks given by BBS. It is also apparent in the anti- social behaviours of BBS and its violent activities.

It is reported by Minister Dilan Perera that BBS's Secretary General is suffering from mental illness and he should be referred to medical treatments: The way and methods he talks and behaves clearly indicate that he suffers from some sort of inferiority complexities. Anyone sound person would come to such logical conclusion: no ordinary person would behave as BBS's secretary does?

It would be better that he is referred to psychiatric treatment before he attacks someone or kills someone: it can be assumed that BBS is born out of this defeated mentality and mental illness. It is in the interest of Buddhism and Buddhist people that he should not allowed to speak about religions because he distort facts with falsehood in many speeches and he talks without evidence.

Secondly, it is reported by some critiques that there is a deep internal dispute between the family circles of Rajapakse on the issue of the future President of Sri Lanka: it is reported that the First Lady wants to make one of her sons as a next president and yet Goata wants to declare himself next President by any means:

It is reported that Goata formed BBS to gain the support of Singhalese votes in his bid to become next president. BBS has been inciting violence against the minorities in recent times with the support of Goat:

It is not a secret everyone in Sri Lanka knows that BBS is handy work of Goata. Everyone knows in Sri Lanka that BBS works with order of Goata: you do not need to be a rocket scientist to know this simple fact: Goata is beyond the control of Mahinda Rajepakse: With the post of deference secretary Goata controls all armed forces: Now Mahinda cannot control his brother and his BBS army.

It is with this influence and political power that BBS is behaving above law: it is with Goata’s support and backing that BBS is doing all these atrocities and violent activities: BBS is above rules of law. Police is afraid of BBS: judges are afraid of BBS and even ministers are afraid of BBS: why is this fear for BBS:

This uncultured few thugs spreading terror and intimidation and yet Police and judges cannot take any action. It is nothing but dream of Goata to dominate politics and He uses religion as means to this and yet, Buddhists leadership cannot talk about that. Even all MPS are made to shut up and keep quit and no one dare to speak about this terror because it is perpetrated by defence secretary and he uses BBS for his own goals.

Now this idiot monk Gnanasara distorts Islamic teaching and makes false statements about the Quran: recently he said that Muslims are acting in accordance with Al- Thakkiya”. Before he speaks about Islam and Quran he should learn about Islam and Quran: there is no such theory in Quran and nowhere in Quran has it spoken about this theory. Gnanasara spreads lies about Islam.

According to him that this theory tells Muslim to go and steal, cheat and rob non-Muslim property and wealth. In accordance with this theory that Muslim leader’s act but our leaders do not understand this”

Where did he get this theory and it is mere propaganda to spread hatred among people he uses this lie and he wants to incite and provoke people so that he could wage war against Muslims and minorities in the country. He is dared to debate with politicians and with any one . 

“I’m willing to debate that Napunsakaya( Neutor) Dilan Perera, Wimal,Vasudewa, Hakeem and Rishad together with the JVP at any forum they want. We should tell him to go back to his temple to learn about the true nature of Buddhism and to learn how to behave in the society and to learn how to speak in public. He is a shame for Buddhism and for Singhalese people: he has damaged a good name of Buddhism and Buddhist people and he monkhood should be taken away from him for his vulgar speeches and his bad manners: Buddhism is free from this thug and Buddhist people are free from this thug and in the name of Buddhism he should be punished for tarnishing good name of Buddhism.

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