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Can Modi Overcome The Post Election Challenges ?

| by N.S.Venkataraman

( April 8, 2014, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) The pre poll survey by various agencies predict Narendra Modi to be the next Prime Minister of India. In any case, everyone seems to be convinced that the congress party and its allies would face one of its worst defeats in the post independent India.

Of course, Manmohan Singh who is primarily responsible for the present plight of the nation and people’s anger against the government is now focussing on the post retirement bunglow in 3 ½ acre land in posh Delhi area, that he has ensured for himself. However, there is concern amongst people in the country as to what would be India like after 2014 elections.

If Modi led party and its allies were to get just around 200 seats, then there would be near chaos with a number of regional parties joining together to form government with congress party giving them support from outside, that is bound to be chaotic and corrupt. In such dismal scenario, India’s stability and future will become a question mark.

If Modi’s party and its allies were to fall short of majority by 30 or 40 seats, then Modi may try to form government by seeking the support of smaller regional parties. In such case, he will be in an unenviable situation and will find it extremely difficult to implement his promises and vision. He will be really at the mercy of self centred regional based parties, facing threat of losing power at any time hanging like a democle’s sword. In this scenario too, India will face uncertain conditions with Modi steadily losing his good will and reputation for efficiency.

All supporters of Narendra Modi wish that his party and its allies should get more than 272 seats on their own , which is the half way mark. Even in such circumstances, it remains to be seen how Modi would be able to control his allies who would ask for their pound of flesh at every opportunity.

In any case, it appears that Narendra Modi will face tough challenges in the post election scenario and his talent and statesmanship will be thoroughly tested.

Inspite of such difficult conditions ahead, Modi can come out with flying colours if he would be determined to stay in his chosen path without compromising principles and without submitting himself to the forces of corruption and nepotism that would confront him. He has to further build and strengthen his bridge of communication with the common man of the country and constantly reflect their aspirations in his deeds and actions.

A leader with mass base and good will enjoyed from the common man belonging mostly to the middle and lower income group ,would be in the best conditions to stand against the demands of self centred alliance parties and politicians and businessmen in a coalition era.

Modi should realise that the only strength he can have is the support that he could get from the people of India, which would be possible only by adhering to the cause of truth and probity in all his deeds and actions.

Rarely has parliamentary election taken place in India where the entire focus has been on whether to elect a particular person as Prime Minister or not. Every vote that Modi’s party and allies would get would be the vote for Narendra Modi. Therefore, unlike the earlier Prime Ministers , Modi owes great responsibility of standing up to the expectations of the people, who have placed their faith on him.

People have placed trust on him due to his corruption free image and administrative acumen as well as the fact that he would not build up a dynasty. It has taken long years of hard work for Narendra Modi to build this reputation and he should not fritter it away by not adequately resisting the negative and destabilising forces, in his anxiety to stay on in power in the post election scenario.

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