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Hypocrisy On Human Rights Is Astounding

| by George Rupesinghe

( April 13, 2014, Sydney, Sri Lanka Guardian) Where is the sound and the fury from the vocal human rights campaigners to the travesty of justice in Egypt where 529 people have been sentenced to death after a two-day trial and without any opportunity to defend themselves? And where Australian journalist Peter Greste is being put through a farcical trial?

If such a thing occurred in Sri Lanka, the US, Britain and Canada would be making big noises about the "deteriorating human rights situation" there. Organisations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International would be campaigning to humiliate and censure the Sri Lanka Government and calling on the West to impose sanctions and the like. But no! Not a whimper from anyone.

Not a whimper from the US, the biggest perpetrator of human misery in the world, whose ambassador in Colombo had the effrontery to express US concern when two people, described as human rights activists, were arrested last month in connection with the shooting of a police officer by a terrorist operative.

Not a whimper from British Prime Minister David Cameron or his Canadian counterpart, Stephen Harper, who are hostages to their Tamil constituencies that wield great electoral power and still continue to raise massive funds in their countries to wage a propaganda war to foment unrest and destablise Sri Lanka and destroy the palpable peace prevailing there after 30 years of conflict.

Not a whimper from UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, whose thick blinkers, supplied by the LTTE rump, makes her focus on human rights abuses only in Sri Lanka.

Human rights is the modern sword to censure countries that do not toe the West's line in their quest to achieve their geopolitical objectives. The hypocrisy of their position is astounding.

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