Victor Karunairajan : A Man Who Taught Us

| by Nilantha Ilangamuwa

(April 15, 2014, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Guardian) Just hours before the dawn of the traditional New Year in the northern peninsula, the area where we fought for decades, another man has passed away. There are not many obituaries being written about him but his tremendous work prevails in many hearts. It has created a deep memory of his courage and kindness and at the same time, a feeling of anger and frustration.

Victor Karunairajan, a journalist who started work with the Sun newspaper, one of the oldest newspapers in Sri Lanka, and then he moved from country to country. He passed through several continents until he settled down in a small city in Canada.

We came to know each other by accident when I was a journalist at Divaina, a daily newspaper based in Colombo. He never used his real name for a long period of time but he was always honest about informing us of the nom de plumes he was forced to use due to security reasons.

Time passed, we knew that we were fighting against the separatism, terrorism with our best efforts while at the same time, screaming for the long lost peace in the country. We were all happy when the armed conflict was over in 2009. We hated the war. Writing in the independentsl, then in the subitcham, and still later in the Sri Lanka Guardian, we did not just limit our work as journalists, but worked hard to bring to light the issues that other professional journalists thought it best to ignore.

Victor Karunairajan was a great man in that sense and he used several pen names to express the fact that he believed the eradication of the LTTE would be the first step to any kind of a long lasting solution in the country. His writings had tremendous diversity.

Karunairajan was an emotionally motivated political character who devoted his life to God. There is a lot to write about on his life and activities, pre and post conflict in Sri Lanka as well as certain sections of the Tamil Diaspora.

May he rest in peace!