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Go for non-veg for the growth of brains: Prof. Kancha Ilaiah

( May 14, 2014, Mangalore, Sri Lanka Guardian) Strongly condemning the Sangh Parivar’s politicization of food habit and crusade against beef senior social thinker and academician Prof. Kancha Ilaiah urged the Indians to prefer non-vegetarian food over vegetarian for the growth of brains.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Ambedkar and 2014 General Elections in India’ organised by Centre for Dr B R Ambedkar Studies at Mangalore University here on Monday, Mr Ilaiah, who is the Director of Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy at Maulana Azad National Urdu University, also lashed out at BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

He said that Mr Modi has taken no stand against abolishment of the caste system through liberation of the marginalised. Though the BJP is projecting him as its prime ministerial candidate, it does not believe in the concept of reservation.

Stating that BJP is planning on the removal of the reservation system if it comes to power, he said Hindutva forces including BJP have always been against reservation. The marginalised sections are now able to secure education and jobs largely through reservation. If the system of reservation is removed in the country, then it will lead to civil war in the next 10 years, he stressed.

Lashing out at communal and fascist ideologies, he questioned whether the Sangh Parivar will allow Modi to appoint a priest from lower class in temples even if he emerged as the PM of India.

He said, students from OBC are backing Modi as he is projected as an OBC leader. In case if he becomes the PM, and reservation is removed, then the same students will turn against him, he opined.

Mr Ilaiah recalled that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had neither agreed with Ambedkar on the abolition of caste system, nor write anything on it. “Without Ambedkar, Indian would not have sustained a democratic system and the reforms would not have reached the marginalised sections of the society” he opined.
He said that the government should utilise funds under special component plans for SC/ST in providing nutritious food to pregnant women and children below the age of three years for their mental growth. A democracy can function as a political system when there is social democracy. India is a country which never saw social democracy owing to inequality and prevalence of caste system. A mind which does not want equality and does not respect women, will destroy the nation, he said.

Mangalore University acting Vice-Chancellor Prof H Nagalingappa presided over the programme. Registrar Prof P S Yadapadithaya and director Prof Vishwanath were present among others.

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