JVP demands that jumbo racketeers be exposed

( May 8, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian ) Anura Kumara demands that jumbo racketeers be exposed

Leader of the JVP, MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake called on the government to reveal who is behind the wild elephant racket.

He made this statement joining the adjournment debate in Parliament on Thursday. While the parliamentarian raised questions in this manner, another successful raid was carried out in the Gannoruwa area in Peradeniya on Thursday.

The raid was carried out based on a tip-off received that an unlicensed elephant calf was present in a home.

Based on information received that an elephant calf was present in the Veterinary Sciences Unit at the Peradeniya University, a group of wild life officers were dispatched. The calf had been then moved to the Gannoruwa area.

Assistant Director of the wildlife conservation department A.A.D.U Indrajith noted that officers entered a house in search of the elephant.

An individuals came forward as the owner of the calf and also presented several documents.

He noted that the elephant was admitted on May 5 to the Veterinary Sciences Unit for treatment.

He noted that although the documents state that the elephant calf is nine years old, the calf was younger. Based on information received, wildlife officials set out to the area in question with the approval of high ranking officials within the department.

The operation carried out by the wildlife officers also received the assistance of the police .

Wildlife officials who were on the lookout, encountered a tractor and a cap near the Gallena area in Udawalawa. The tractor was taken into police custody while its driver was arrested.

However, according to the wildlife officers present, the individuals travelling in a cab had threatened the officers present and had secured the release of the driver.