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Appointment of Ajit Doval and security of Bangladesh- India

| by Swadesh Roy

( June 2, 2014, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appointed a brilliant police officer, former Intelligence Bureau chief Ajit Doval as a national security adviser (NSA). Indian media covered it with a very highly praise and they mainly highlighted that he would do tremendous job for Indian home land security. But The Times Of India wrote “ Doval is not likely to confine himself only to internal security matters. In fact, his belief has been that security threats from the neighbourhood, whether from Pakistan or Chinese funding northeast insurgents, threats originating in Myanmar or Bangladesh or even growth radical Islam in Sri Lanka and Maldives, are all aspects of internal security.”

A partial echo can be made with Times of India and describe that, Insurgency of North East India and the radical Islam of Myanmar Muslim Royingyas and Bangladeshi Islamic terrorist those who are guided and funded by Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) are a security threat for Bangladesh and India. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina is an extraordinary brave fighter against terrorism and in favor of regional security. She is doing it with taking a towering life risk. What she has done for the regional security is very much known to Mr. Doval, the brilliant security adviser of Indian Prime.

Pakistan is the major security issue to India but Bangladesh is not too much less than Pakistan because North East India is linked with Bangladesh. Mr. Doval served a long time in Mizoram against the insurgency so he knows better regarding North East India. For this reason, he obviously knows what Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh has done regarding the security measures for North East India even in her country. Sheikh Hasina is the only leader of the world who has to face more than five Islamic terrorist parties that are recognized political party in her country. It is very crucial for a country because common people cannot understand that they are terrorist party and they also think that they are only religion based party.

After the appointment of Mr. Doval, Firstpost wrote, “Doval’s appointment should send jitters to Pakistan, particularly the likes Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed and Sayeed Salahuddin.” Interestingly, Dawood to Sayeed all are doing the notorious job through underground world but in Bangladesh Tarique Rahaman, the senior vice president of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and son of the party leader Khaleda Zia, is the close ally of Dawood Ibrahim. Besides, when BNP was in power Al-Qaeda leader Al- Zawahiri stayed in Bangladesh more than couple of months were. BNP’s main ally or the mother organization is Bangladesh Jamat-E- Islam and Tarique Rahman is the close ally of Al- Qaeda also. Simultaneously when BNP was in power then they had a close tie with the insurgent group of North East India. They gave shelter and arranged all type of training by the ISI and the Taliban trainer. Under the leadership of Tarique Rahaman all the intelligence organizations chief of Bangladesh, had to work in favor of arms smuggling with Paresh Barua, the ULFA leader, who is now in china. The then time his head quarter was in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina has demolished all the training center of North East insurgent group and their head Quarter. She Not only demolishes that shelters but also has deported most of them to India.

Despite, all the efforts of Sheik Hasina, in the security ground, Bangladesh and India are not in a secure position yet. Therefore, Bangladesh can hope that a brilliant NSA of Indian Prime Mr. Doval will give a hand to Bangladesh. Because ISI has made Bangladesh a fertile ground for entire terrorist, and they made some route of arms smuggling. Some are identified routes such as Coxbazer deep sea, Teknaf sea and Teknaf Mynmar border and the southwest Sundarban. Some sources said, Bangladesh Jamat-E-Islam and the men of Tarique Rahaman are involved with this smuggling. Besides Rajshahi and Mursidabad border in Bangladesh and West Bengal also a small route for the terrorist. Sources are correct, because in 2013, when Jamat and BNP were doing a massive violence in Bangladesh then they did more violence in Chittagong, Rajshai, and Satkhira, near to southwest part of Sundarban.

We know that, in security measure Pakistan is the main issue for India but a brilliant security authority like Mr. Doval knows better than us, the importance of working together with India and Bangladesh on that issue. People of India and Bangladesh want security not only for a peaceful life but also for a prosperous economy. North East India has huge resources, and it may be an economic hub in future in this region but Bangladesh has to be a mediator of it and its all kinds of future are depending on the security ground of this region. So now, it is Mr. Doval’s duty to give a hand to Bangladesh for working together to stop all the route of the arms smuggling and Mr. Doval’s appointment should also send jitters to Bangladesh who are the allies of Dawood, Al- Zawahiri and othere terrorists.

We know the professional life and success of Mr. Ajit Doval. In his carrier, he touched the rose from the very beginning; so in this new era of his life, he must touch the top of the hill. He is hundred percent professional and he knows how to deal with the terrorist, and how to establish security. His belief is clear that until you cannot secure or stop the security threat from the neighborhood you cannot establish security in your country. Bangladesh and India has been fighting against terrorism shoulder-to-shoulder for last five years. Now the era of Mr. Doval, so all the people of India and Bangladesh can hope they will see a better sunrise through the extraordinary security personalities Mr. Doval.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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