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Egypt: A Fake World of Politics

| by Rifai Naleemi

( June 9. 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Today Abdul Fatah al- Sisi becomes a self- declared president of Egypt through a fake election against the wishes of the majority of Egyptians. The president Morsi is the legitimate president of Egypt. He was elected with the support and mandate of more than 51% of voters and yet, his presidency was robbed and taken away by the military coup orchestrated by al- Sisi against the will of people. Political unrest is not new to Muslim world since the formative period of Islam until today Muslim world has been suffering from internal political unrest in many parts of Muslim world. We all know what happened in Islamic history. We have seen political unrest among the companions of prophet and their successors. Since the very early period of Islam until today Muslim worldly is divided politically and it is often said this disunity is one of main reasons for the backwardness of global Muslim community today. Yet, dogmatic and nepotistic political leaders of Muslim world do not heed and listen to advice and guidance of Muslim scholars and intellectuals.

In this modern democratic world, there are some many political mechanisms and dynamic systems to choose and elect political representatives. It is shame for the entire Muslim world that we have not created any good political system to freely elect Muslim political representatives. I would blame traditional historical precedent we have inherited from Islamic history for this political mess. In politics Muslim world has been emulating bad examples and models of Islamic history. Since the time of Muawiyah,( MAPH), Muslim world had been divided politically into many dynasties and some Muslim empires fought each other for many centuries. The political system in Islamic world did not evolve into any sophisticated methods. It’s true that Caliph Omer did appoint some governors in different parts of Muslim world during his time and yet, no provincial or federalist system was evolved in Islamic politics and no political administrational system was evolved in Islamic history under centralised political rule. Caliph Omer system of administration was not further expanded and further developed. It is true that Islamic caliphate survived for more than 1400 years and yet it was divided into many dynasties and those dynasties were not always under control of central caliphate rather they rebelled against caliphate many times. The political history of Islam was marked with many unrest and turbulences.

This political instability continued in Muslim world for many centuries and even today in this modern world we have not learned political correctness and political wisdom from any other civilisations. Look at outside Muslim world countries like India or Japan, china, and many Asian and Western countries. Although they engaged in many wars in the past including two major world wars today they have evolved some beautiful and comprehensive political system that respect wills of people. It is true that Asio-Europeon political systems evolved in a gradual process of democratisation and liberation struggle following the industrial revolutions and yet, Muslim world has been paying blind eyes to the rapid developments that take places in the areas of socio- political and economic arenas of modern world. Muslim politicians still want to enslave people in their own lands.

What really happened was with discovery of oil in Muslim land this political instability continued with some external factors: western world wanted to dominate and control Muslim land for just mere economic and some strategic reasons. They supported some puppet rules and even they employ some support rulers in Muslim land and those who oppose them were either killed or forced to give up power. The late president of Husni Mubarak ruled Egypt for three decades and looted national wealth of Egypt for more three decades and it was estimated more than $80 billion public money was frozen from his banks when he was ousted from power. Today, rulers in gulf countries do not want see any democratic changes in the Middle East for fear of their seats and power. They have been supporting tyrannies and dictators. They do not care what shipped to millions of poor people in those countries. All what they want is to protect their powers. For that reason at any cost they want to support dictators in Muslim world. That is why Saudi and UAE are rushing to support Al- Sisi even though he was elected undemocratically.

It is a big question mark if al- Sisi could bring peace and stability to Egypt today. The majority of people are marginalised and their voices are suppressed. Their democratic rights are violated. They freedom are suppressed. How could one expect peace and stability in this situation? Ironically, there is no word of reconciliation and compromise in his inaugural speech by Al-Sisi.

Political party members are not invited in this inaugural ceremony. MB members, Salafi groups, secularists and all other liberals are marginalised from political participation and this is clearly illustrated in this inaugural ceremonies. He claimed that he is going to work for the national interest of Egypt and he will work for his own pocket to acculturate money and wealth as Husi Mubrak did some times ago. He did not utter any word about hundreds of prisoners who have been jailed without any trails in Egyptian jails. There is no word about the lives and sacrifices of thousands of people who died during these revolutionary periods in Egypt.

There was no any proper professional political road map to take Egypt forward from these dark days of uncertainty. Moreover, al- Sisi does not have any academic or intellectual back ground or leadership quality to guide this great Muslim nation. Ironically not any western political leader is invited to his inaugural ceremony of al- Sisi.

Today the economy of Egypt primarily depends on tourism and continuous instability would make people suffer lots and put country's economy to suffer more. It would be wise in the interest of Egypt to form a national government and take the country out of this dangerous political trend. It is people who are going to suffer and who are going to pay the price for the stupidity of crook politicians and greedy ness of a few and it is neither Saudis nor Gulf people who are going to suffer out of this mess in Egypt rather poor Egyptians. It is better for Saudis not to meddle in the politics of Egypt. People of Egypt are highly educated people. Most educated and intellectual people of Middle East live in Egypt and they could decide their future political direction. Gulf countries should mind their own business rather engaging in dirty politics in the Middle East and they should create another Syria in the Middle East.

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