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Sri Lanka : Who is responsible for attacks on innocent Muslims in Aluthgama?

| by Rifai

( June 19, 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Finally after all these atrocities against innocent Muslims in Aluthgama President Mahinda Rajapaksa has requested some Muslim MPs to produce evidences for the racist attack on Muslims in Aluthgama. This is really a sarcastic mocking request from President. One wonder where does our present live? Does he live in Sri Lanka or another planet? It is self-evident that all these racist attacks are carried out by BBS cohorts following the inciting speech of its Secretary General. Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero has been inciting Muslims for more than last two years and he has been insulting Islam and Muslim without any reasons or any evidence with false accusations and fabrication. If Present needs any evidence he should listen to some of speech and talks given this so called barbaric and uncultured monk. He should watch some of video clips of racist attacks on Muslims in Aluthgama. What evidence does he need after more than 300 hundred racist incidents are recorded within last two years? All evidences have been produced to some human right commissions at UN and Europe. Let him read some of these reports to know what happened to Muslims for the last two years.

Who should be blamed for these racial attacks on innocent Muslims in recent times? Since 2011 innocent Muslims have been a target of racial attacks from Buddhist extremists called Budu Bala Sena. They have been provoking Muslims people with vulgar words and utterances. They have used some filthy words to depict Islam and Muslims. They have fabricated many unfounded accusations against Muslims for no reasons: yet, President cannot see the culprit.

You do not have be rock scientist to know the truth about this racist group. This group was created by president's brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa for his political gain. It has been his dream to become next president by any means. He uses all government apparatus to get popularity among Sinhalese people in expectation that one day he would be elected as a president of Sri Lanka. This is his ambitious dream and long term ambition. He uses his religious card to gain popularity among people. He uses racism as tool get popularity. He uses some extremist Buddhists monks to achieve this objective. He has indeed, openly supported BBS and he has provided financial support for BBS. It is he who provides vehicles and security for this BBS gangs. He is the master mind behind this crafty project. He opened BBS office building in Galle. He protected them from court jurisdiction many times. Judge and law enforcement agencies are prevented from litigating law pursuit against BBS. He asked police not to take action against them. He gave them permission to demonstrate in Muslim areas. He let BBS to insult Islam and Muslims. All this is to get popularity among Sinhalese voters for the next election and get a place in parliament next time in expedition to become next president of Sri Lanka

Within last two years more than 300 hundred incidents have taken place against Muslims across the country. All these incidents have taken place with approval and recognition of this so called self-declared defence secretary.
One more theory is that most of senior SLFP members are dissatisfied with Rajapaksa family politics. Most of Senior SLFP MPs are powerless today in Sri Lankan politics and they have been made to bow down for the commandments of Rajapaksa family politics. More importantly a self-declared Defence Secretary controls everyone in the party. This family domination of politics has been agonising for some of these Senor SLFP members and they have already decided to teach a lesson for Rajapaksa family and they have been waiting to revenge in the coming election and Rajapaksa family knows this very well. This is a do or dies situation for them as well. In order to allure Sinhalese votes they have created this devil of BBS in Sri Lanka. I think most of Sinhalese people know that well and they are clever enough to distinguish the truth from falsehood.

What happened last Sunday in Aluthgama was well planned attack on Muslims. Who gave them permission to do this demonstration in a Muslim town? Why do these thugs need to do demonstration? This is deliberately done to unleash attacks on innocent Muslims. What crimes these innocent Muslims have done to kill them? What did Muslims do to these thugs to burn down their houses? This is really a collective barbarism of these inhuman mobs. Why do they have to destroy the houses of poor families? You could say that LTTE killed thousands of Sinhalese. They killed more than 27000 Sri Lankan forces. They attacked many Buddhist temples. At least one could argue that there was some reason for wiping out LTTE because they wanted to divide this small country. What crimes Muslims in this country have done? Why these mobs target innocent Muslims? This government is entirely responsible and accountable for all what happened in these attacks. Blood thirsty Gota is directly responsible for all these barbarism and attacks. He should be taken to court for his role in this killing and attack.

What should be done now? There are clear cut evidences that all these anti- minorities’ attacks have been instigated by BBS and cohorts. Now it is responsibilities of this government to take some measures to ban this BBS group in the interest of Sri- Lanka and Sri Lankans. Bring those attackers into book and produce them in court and punish them accordingly. There is no hiding place for them. All what happen has been recorded with Video evidences? Police should produce all these Video evidence in court against all those attackers and mobs.

All what happened is a broad day robbery and looting. What BBS is going achieve by burning down Muslim hostess and shops. What do they archive by creating mayhem and miseries for the life of poor people? It is reported that household items and jewelleries of people are looted before burning down their houses. They looted these in front of police watching them.

The general secretary of BBS should be put in jail for his hatred speech and violence against Muslims in this country. We have recorded evidences of many of his hate speech against Muslims and Islam. These should be produced in the court and these should be translated into documents. These documents should be sent to international human right groups, and UN hug human rights commissions. The entire world should know what exactly happens in Sri Lanka.

Now people need to rebuild their houses. They need to restart their life once again. It is the duty of this government to allocate money from public money to help them rebuild life. In return these people do not realise it is public money that will be spent on rebuilding process. It is the wealth and resources of this country they have burned down. If they are the true patriotic of Sri Lanka they would not have done this. They are destroying Sri Lanka bit by bit by these violent activities. It is people who are going to suffer because of this act of violence. it is economy of our nation going to suffer because of the stupidity of these people. Now it is time to catch the culprits and mobs involved in this violence. We hope that Present will act swiftly and take actions against these people sooner rather than later.

I conclude this article with a quote of Dr Jayathilleka who calls upon people of Sri Lanka to be united to wipe out this racist mob. “The officer corps of the Sri Lankan military, the bureaucracy, the judiciary, the corporate sector, the trade unions, the student unions, the professionals, the political parties, the media, the intelligentsia, the international system (including Sri Lanka’s friends) should all be made aware of how destructive the BBS project is to their interests and should be motivated to oppose and defeat it. The most effective weapons to stop the March of the BBS are an intelligent patriotism, a reasoned appeal to Sinhala interests and a more authentic, generously inclusive and pluralist Buddhism”.

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