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Modi Is A Lincoln Who Will Do The Justice To Millions Who Are Worse Than Slaves !

| by Sripali Vaiamon
Views expressed in this article are author awn

( July 10, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Two and half million Dalits and other poor human elements in India always subject to harassment. They have to be redeemed sooner or later. Rape cases are all over. In certain areas young girls are not allowed to use cell phones. They talk over with youngsters and elope. If they found the girl will be punished by cutting her neck by her father or brothers, so cruel! If the girls do not obey for some reason or other for some orders, she will be subject to honour killing. Cruel harassment are innumerable! Modi will come across all in due course.

Once Modi was subject to UNHRC allegations of Human Rights and genocides in Gujarat when he was the Chief Minister. But he was completely exonerated by the Supreme Court.

As far as I can remember in March 2000 at a civil commotion of massacring Muslims.

Similarly,the Tamil Lady of UNHRC in her last operandi strongly coming out with an investigation against Sri Lanka on Human Rights and Genocides! US ,UK and European administrators of white scum are against small countries coming up and they hate coming up nations and small nations in Asian countries. Echoing the calls from the USA and the UN the United Kingdom asked SL to cooperate with International investigation. It is quite obvious from the allegations leveled against that they are always vituperative. They wantonly crushed Iraq,Libiya and Egypt and those countries are presently in miserable positions. Now it seems there are allegations against Bush for hanging Saddam Hussain who was not guilty.Now it is too late for a revision.There is a lengthy article under the heading –Saddam’s alleged execution is part of US war plan, where it depicts Saddam’s execution is blatant disregard of International human truism of law. It was the opinion of Amnesty International, Human Rights watch and peace organizations the world over.
All white Administrators I do not want to dump into a same pouch. If you take for an example Abraham Lincoln, white redeemer who saved Black slaves in America from that nasty bondage of slavery confined to menial work loads. Lincoln has been hailed as a martyer.If not Lincoln Obama would not have become a President in that vast country domineered by white people. America refused Visas to Modi assuming that he was an offender of that event that I mentioned earlier. Now he has been invited to address at UN.

16th President of America was much poorer than the 15th Prime Minister of India, Narendra Damodardas Modi. American President Abraham Lincoln lived in a small log cabin. In a poor village. Lincoln’s family lived in that poor village, Knob Creek for 5 years. Here he learns to talk and grew enough to carry water and gather fire woods. It was also at Knob Creek he first saw a black African carrying out menial jobs. They were slaves. just living for the sake of living. Overburden with unending slummy work. Even as a boy he realized the adversity of poor human beings. Because he also was poor. He attended Blob one room school. Ya,ya,ya,Modi too has little more money than Lincoln’s family. But a poor family who realized the difficulty of poor living beings. He had his education at the village school which was just sufficient for him to raise his head and keep it straight. He looks around. He too must have determined from his young age to give a helping hand to low class poor people. Like Lincoln. If you had a firm determination you can achieve what you want. A Brahmin can’t perform what this man had his mind. He may not perform miracles. But he will definitely start from where he has to start. From the lowest level.

Couple of weeks back, at the Lok Sabha, he addressed both government and opposition members in a speech exceeds one hour. All at the assembly listened to him in wrap attention. He defined his priorities. First he wanted to provide every family a house with running water. A TOILET, electricity throughout the day. He knows there are millions in that vast land not living but suffering without these basic amenities. Congress over sixty odd years never thought about them. They knew they are surviving, with innumerable harassment. Branded as Dalits. They were not human beings to Brahmins. If Lincoln did not think about the unimaginable sufferings of Black Africans in America as slaves, Obama would not have become the President of White land. Perhaps by next General Election in India a Dalit who won’t be addressed by that term may become the President. Societies change. Societies improve. Societies develop and ultimately people in societies will become civilized human beings.

In one of my books, “Prehistoric Lanka to end of Terrorism”, a Book on Sociology, I have well elaborated how that low class and low caste Tamils who started the separatism war. Because of the harassment meted out to them mostly by so-called high caste Vellalas who owned lands. After the devastating war SL is now changing gradually but rapidly. “Sri Lanka will become another Asian Economic Success Story.” Proudly presented by the President of the Asian Development Bank,Takehiko Nakao,a couple of days back . at the eminent speaker’s address at the Milado –Acadamy of Financial Studies,Training Institute of the Finance and Planning Ministry. He said despite of three decades of civil conflict Sri Lanka has managed to become one of the most successful countries in Asia in terms of Social Development indicators. He further said ADB is proud to stand by Sri Lanka and be a trusted partner in their success. This was well elaborated in one of Canadian tabloid CEYLON EXPRESS, July issue. (with curtsey) Central Bank Governor, Ajith Cabral announced Sri Lanka will reach US $ 7500/- per capita income by 2020.

In another tabloid, A Sinhala News Paper,YATHRA, in the July issue, reported on the Sinhala –Muslim Clash, which was really brutal to have occurred in a Buddhist country governed by a Buddhist Leader like Mahinda Rajapaksha. One Buddhist monk who has ignited the whole cruelty. I am reluctant to mention his name. But he can be corrected. Even Chandhasoka who ruthlessly killed millions of people became very pious person and changed his name as Dharmasoka. Therefater he did plenty of work for the innocent poor people. Now Honourable Shri Modi will do the same without an iota of a blood shed.Dharmaloka erected several edicts where he gave specific instruction to rulers and laymen how to do righteous work. It was couple days back according to the Lanka Page,Sri Lanka President reiterated what was in his 12th Edict, where he had clearly etched, that you must treat every religion alike, If you do well to your religion and neglect other religions you do harm to your own religion more.

Solution to this I clearly described in an article contributed early this year to SRI LANKA GUARDIAN, on an heading “Every citizen in Sri Lanka should be addressed as Sri Lankan” I believe all the confusion and disunity among the citizens in the country could be nullified.

Fisheries Aquatic Resources Development Minister, Dr.Rajitha Senaratna had expressed very clearly which was reported n an article in the Sunday Observer of 6th of July 2014.(with curtesy)that all extremist organizations named after communities and conduct propaganda on communal and religious ground should be banned immediately.”President of Sri Lanka has to initiate action on this sooner or later, to make Sri Lanka for all the people to live amicably. Every knows that Sri Lanka is now developing properly and the condition of the poor will be uplifted. It is the same thing Modi is planning with the help of China, Japan and Singapore.

All slum dwellers in the Capital of Colombo are getting shortly new flats under the Urban development scheme. President has determined to done away with village concept. In India as well as in Sri Lanka only in the villages under developed poor people are living mostly. Unless the living standard of these so-called people who live below the poverty line in India as well as Sri Lanka uplifted; the countries could not be developed. Their living standard should be uplifted. Modi has already determined.

These are not miracles, but to get accomplished these you need money! Of course, if your country does not have, there are generous countries to extend assistance. But you should know how to obtain. Modi when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat he has visited China four times. Surely he would be able to get low interest loans. Even from Japan or Singapore he will obtain loans! like Sri Lanka. He recently hiked train fares. All over India people and political parties are kicking up a row. He knew it has a bad effect. He has the idea to modernize train service. In India passengers are hanging in either side of the boogies while travelling. It is very dangerous. He will at the start utilize modern locomotives with beautiful and comfortable boogies where there are upholstered seats and spacious. Of course, rates won’t be low. You can’t help. If you are to modernize ,modernization needs money.

The producer of Sashay Mega Jayathe,the versatile film personality, Amir Khan visited Shri Modi. He had a cordial discussion with him.

He has told within less than a month, he has destroyed 1.5 lakes of files that gathered dust for years which previous government wanted to preserve. Like archaic artifacts. He felt there is no Modernization could be initiated with ancient garbage. He wants to clean! His mantra is, “delay out!” “decision in!” and attested that the job of Govt. is not to create road blocks but to give impetus to entire premiership. And more than else to provide basic facilities to poor human beings such as those who are at Bhopal. He has already met Chinese and Japanese representatives with whom he may have discussed how to give a push to economic upliftment. Creating unwanted internal troubles such as fisher-folks intrusion into Sri Lanka waters should not have created a headache to him. Those are trivial matters where a Cabinet Minister could hold and settle. Modi knows Gujarath and Sri Lanka had ties from immemorial times.

According to ancient history of Sri Lanka it has been edged in the Chronicle Mahavansa, Vijaya and crowd came from Gujarat who landed in Thammennawa and built the Sinhala race. The story given in Mahavansa that the only daughter of the King of Vanga (Bangaladesh) Suppadevi according to Royal soothsayers prophesized one day she will run away with a lion. Consequently the king had taken all the precaution to safe guard the palace, so that daughter will get no chance to evacuate the place. But surprisingly when she heard a caravan is voyaging in the road near the palace and guards were all gazing at the caravan she got the opportunity to vacate the palace and join the caravan. It was a massive caravan going from eastern India right across to western India.Gujarath is in northwestern India.A long way however those days there were no cars or planes.These were the types of conveyance.So after several days caravan reached Gujarath.It was the only region where Asiatic lions were living in this vast india. At Sihor, a town at gujarath,a lion has jumped upon the caravan.people who were with the caravan got extremely fright ant and ran amok..Suppadevi as she was aware with the soothsayers prediction did not get upset and was just waiting without any fear. Lion has wagged its tail and came towards her. Then she has stroked its main and the animal was highly pleased and may have licked her body. Lion has lie down for her to get on to its back. Once She got on lion slowly walked away in to the jungle along with her and took her to a cave. There they were living; bore a daughter and a son. Who were named as Sinhaseevali and Sinhabahu.When they became age Sinhabahu asked mother why are we living here in a cave with a lion. She came out with the whole story.Sinhabahu with the mother and sister left the cave and came to the king at Sihor. When lion returned found the family have left and got almost mad and started searching all over. With the sent came to Sihor and was creating havocs. King ordered who ever kill the lion will be awarded with bag of gold.No body came forward.Sinhabahu agreed tio kill the lion, his own father. So he did it

Author of Mahavansa was not aware that a lion and a woman cannot create human children which scientists have revealed. Even Gujarathiyans familier with his story. It was not completely a myth.

Vijaya who landed with 700 retinue were supposed to be the originators of the Sinhala Race. It was a myth. According to archaeologist Saran Deraniyagala there had been a civilization at Anuradhapura 400 years prior to the advent of Vijaya. Much prior to that the term Sinhala I came across in the second book of Mahabaratha. Term is anskrit.

Mahabaratha consists of 18 Parwas were compiled somewhere in 1200 BC.It also was given in several early Sanskrit books,such as Markandya Purana, Bhagawatha, Brahath Sanhitha .Our archaeologists say there were lions in SL many thousand years ago. There must have a connection to them.Without a cause the term Sinhala would not have been generated. Govt.must entrust it to veteran archaeologists to engage in further research. There are very old Sanskrit literature on Ola books in several Sanskrit Colleges in India. Those are very very old may have full of dust but we must request Sri Modi not to destroy them .May be useful to Srilanka to search for their origin!

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