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Karma of 18th Amendment

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( August 17, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) We are driven by likes and dislikes at the primary stage of life. Then in high-school of life (secondary stage) we are driven by rights and wrongs. In University stage (tertiary) – we are driven by karma.

Many of us in the Sri Lankan Diaspora are physically in tertiary stage but our minds are still at secondary and in a few cases primary stages. This confirms mental disorders. Unless our discussions are as per the mind that is able to manage the body / inputs and therefore its expressions / outcomes, we deteriorate the value of our relationships and our environments.

A strong mind is able to consolidate the physical experience and raise it to the higher level – where it becomes the ‘home/system’ that provides support for our juniors to enjoy good quality life. The physical level enjoyment at primary stage is our animal stage. At this stage we are not aware of the deeper causes – but enjoy as per physical possession and control. At tertiary stage also we are not conscious of the reasons for effects – but naturally enjoy or suffer from ‘free’ energies beyond our immediate control. Groups that are able to connect the primary to the tertiary – the physical to the universal – are sovereign groups. The path through which the connection is made is the appropriate Law for that group.

Devolution of power is of value when a group is too large for the mind to make that connection. Laws give us the authority to allocate Rights and Wrongs so that the outcomes could be consolidated to become positive energies at tertiary level. Laws that do not lead us to positive values towards enjoyment of higher joys – become burdens on society and lead to negative energies in tertiary stage. The net value that we contribute is the starting point for the next generation and determines the quality of their life at primary level itself.

Whether it be families, workplaces or countries – most do not follow the laws and policies consciously all the time. Often leaders with the authority to form laws – introduce laws that fit their primary stage in that institution. Physical pleasures and pain drive us at primary stage in family life; money at workplace and votes / citizens’ approval at country level. At tertiary stage we live with the net effect of our own individual karma.

Australian of Sri Lankan origin - Maduranga Ratnayake discusses in his Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘A Tale of Two Terms’ – the legal validity of the right to third term by the current President of Sri Lanka who eliminated through the 18th Amendment to the Constitution - the limit on the number of terms of Presidency by any person. If we participated in that outcome at our own levels – we would enjoy or suffer the outcome of our contribution beyond our duty at tertiary level of our life. We would also influence outcomes as global citizens through our descendants (physical and / or mental) in Sri Lanka where the physical outcomes are manifested in various forms at various levels.

Maduranga Ratnayake as per his knowledge of law (secondary stage) concludes:

‘When at the point of time the present President ends his second term the Constitution contains no provision that prevents him from seeking to be elected for a third term, and similarly a former President should have no legal impediment to be contesting at the next presidential election either (However, it must be observed that the removal of the two-term ceiling on a President’s term of office is a constitutional disaster).’

The above conclusion confirms that the 18th Amendment is considered to be a burden on Sri Lankans. Likewise the laws of war between two ethnicities (i.e. International Laws) as stated by the UN – seem to be a burden on the Sri Lankan Government. In 2009, the Sri Lankan Government declared self-governance when it claimed the protection of Sovereignty by banning UN observers from the scene of physical birth of outcomes. The parallel of this by Tamils resulted in the 13th Amendment in 1987.

In both cases – once devolution is declared – the leaders ought to have been facilitated to produce the outcomes visible to the Public. Where it is self-declared – the leaders had the responsibility to facilitate themselves. Tamils led by LTTE failed to operate independent of Central Government and the latter in turn continued to attract criticism from international bodies for failing to produce positive outcomes confirming sovereignty including from its own ethnic group.

Politics is the primary stage in governance. Administration is secondary. In most progressive systems the limit to Presidency/Head of State seems to be two terms so that the negative energies of the individual do not affect the citizens. If we take as example Australian Prime Minister John Howard (against whom I took legal action in 1999 on the basis of Racial Discrimination – secondary stage)– his third term (commencing on 10 November 2001) was riddled with Terrorism anxieties for Australians – especially due to Bali Bombing preceded by 9/11 during which attack Mr. Howard was with the American President. Mr. Howard’s actions against Boat Asylum Seekers prior to these election – were interpreted as being politically motivated to win the elections to become PM for a third term.

In 2007 Mr. Howard lost his eligibility to represent his electorate in parliament- to use Mr. Ratnayake’s language – the franchise was lost. To me this was due to the negative Energy accumulated by using votes instead of Rights and Wrongs through Public Administration in second term that led to this disaster in the tertiary stage which began effectively in March 2002. Given that our electoral term is three years and Mr. Howard came into the leadership position in March 1996 – the third term commenced in March 2002. It foreshadowed itself through Mr. Howard’s presence with the American President during 9/11attack. This was later confirmed in October 2002 through Bali Bombing. Through my legal actions I foreshadowed this to Mr. Howard. But to him I was just another migrant voter/number.

Those of us in Tertiary stages do influence one way or the other. Those who are indifferent influence through negative Energy to add to their own deterioration of the mind. Those of us who actively participate despite failures get the ‘insight’ to know that we have mitigated the damages for our People – despite negative leaders.

I do not know whether Mr. Rajapakse is positive or negative for Sri Lankans as a whole. So far as an individual I have not felt the need to seek his direct ruling in Administration. I have been thus far able to use my own Truth effectively to deliver service to the needy.

Mr. Rajapakse’s strength as well as his weakness are the people physically close to him – now and his predecessors as his mentors. This is because Sri Lanka is in effect largely a subjective system and does not suit democracy except in multicultural areas. While individual Sri Lankan leaders may blame him for the deterioration in law and order by measuring through the system of democracy which is foreign to majority Sri Lankans at the Secondary Stage – many seem to ‘forget’ that the current physical environment has been made more conducive to allocation of Rights and Wrongs (secondary stage) due to the victory over LTTE which was considered a problem group by many outside Sri Lanka also. Tamils paid their dues painfully by escalating the problem to global level, on the basis of human losses. Lack of investment in the system of Democracy through Public Administration – strongly indicates the need for accelerated investment in this area if a third term is to be positive for Mr. Rajapakse. Forming coalitions with strong investors in Democracy would deliver such an outcome.

To enjoy tertiary stage of life – one needs largely to be an observer / a witness through conscience. One driven by votes in third term is destined to suffer due to negative Energy. The parallel in commoner’s life is an old person being driven by the pleasures of the flesh resulting in frustrations and mental disorders.

If on the other hand the third term is merely to observe and confirm the position of self-governance – then that is a heavenly term / Nirvana.

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