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India China Uneasy Relationship

| by N.S.Venkataraman

( September 13, 2014, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) It appears that Chinese President will receive a red carpet welcome when he will visit India shortly. It is said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to Ahmedabad to receive the Chinese President instead of receiving him at Delhi ,as is the usual practice in the case of the foreign dignitary. Perhaps, Mr. Modi wants to give him the type of welcome that Mr. Modi himself received in Japan a few days back.

No doubt, China is now an emerging super power with its vast economy and industrial progress in multiple directions making China an attractive destination for investors all over the world. China can no more be taken for granted by USA and other western countries and these countries are often seen to be going out of the way to keep the Chinese government in good humour. In such circumstances, Mr. Modi’s gesture to the Chinese President should be viewed as reflecting the strength of China amongst the comity of nations.

At the same time, the ground reality is that India is deeply conscious of the fact that hundreds of kilometres of Indian territory are occupied by China. The area occupied by China is more than the area covering the Pakistan occupied Kashmir. However, while India always reacts to any issue with Pakistan with hostility and anger and always insist that Pakistan should behave, similar approach is not adopted in the case of China.

As a matter of fact, government of China has given considerable reasons for anxiety for the government of India , by claiming Arunachal Pradesh as the region belonging to China and its troops often crossing into Indian territory in the Indo China border. One gets an impression that whereas India would be willing to risk a war with Pakistan if serious provocations would happen, it would not like to do so in the case of China.

Obviously, Mr. Modi’s overtures to China has been guided by his desire to attract investments in India from China in a big way and also promote industrial and economic cooperation between the two countries. While Mr. Modi may succeed to some extent in this goal and China may be equally interested as it would open Indian market for Chinese enterprises, India cannot ignore or forget the fact that China continues to claim part of Indian territory.

It remains to be seen how Mr. Modi would manage his relationship with China inspite of such irritants. Will he insist that Government of China should give up its claim on Indian territory as a pre condition for industrial and economic cooperation ? In the same way, will China also insist on its claims on Indian territory while discussing about economic and industrial relationships ?

Many people in India think that in the light of the suspicions between both the countries on each other’s role, the India China relationships will continue to remain uneasy. After all, economic and industrial collaborations cannot take place between two countries when there is deep underlying disturbed relationships .

Anyway, Mr. Modi appears to be ready to face the challenge by balancing the various imponderable factors . It remains to be seen how the Indian public opinion would react to

Mr. Modi’s strategies.

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