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MR & His Foreign Trips

| by A Special Correspondent

( October 6, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Since Mahinda became president he has made hundreds of foreign trips at the expenses of public money and indeed, in the history of Sri Lanka no president has made so many foreign trips as MR has made. It is estimated that his trips alone cost more than 1000 million rupees or more from public money. Indeed he has gained maximum benefits and enjoyment out of his trips at the expense of public money. Sometimes he had made these trips with hundreds of his party supporters, friends and relatives. Sometimes he has taken private flights at expenses of public money. No president wasted public money as MR has done. Most of these trips are just holiday trips and picnics at the expense of public money. Since he is an executive president no one could question him and no one could object these luxurious trips. Many MPs have gained maximum benefits from these trips.

If you check his official diary and expense you could come up with “an Asian wonder” in Sri Lanka. That is to say that you could realise that MR has made more trips than OBAMA or some other European political Leaders. No other leaders in Asian countries would have made foreign trips as MR did in his two terms so far. Compare and contrast foreign trips of Asian political leaders and that of MR’s trips. MR deserves a Gold Medal for his trips.

How many trips JR made during his time? How many trips Premadasa made during his time? How many trips CB made during her time? No wonder MR had made more trips than any other leaders. Why does MR make a numbers of trips for foreign countries? He has been to many African countries. He has been to European countries. He had made many trips to South American countries. He made many trips to Asian Countries. He had made many trips to Middle East countries. It could be argued that sometime as a president he must attend some international assemblies of political leaders. That is very much understandable and no doubt in the interest of our nation he should attend those meetings and conferences and yet, to use public money for all his private trips with his own friends, relatives and MPs is not acceptable from any responsible leader. Sometime he uses private jets at the expense of public money. This is the true nature of executive president we have in Sri Lanka. He managed to fool 20 million Sri Lankan to get maximum benefits for his holidays. All these happen when poor Lankan are struggling to make ends meet and some people make suicide out of poverty and starvation. Yet, our president enjoys his life with public money: public money of poor is misused in a broad day light without any human remorse for the suffering of poor in Sri Lanka.

Most of his trips are not official engagements rather his own private and picnic trips. According to JVP leader he takes private jets to beg money from some countries. Yet, people in Sri Lanka do not know all these. They may know these and yet, they do not have any voice to object this. Only JVP had revealed some of these dirty works of MR and his family. Unfortunately, UNP could not reveal these figures and these dirty handy works of MR and His family yet. Of course, UNP had brought to the attention of public some of the failures of this government such as MATTALA Airport project and Sea port project and yet, a lot of MR’s evils and dirty works are not properly made in public.

This government is connected to drug dealers and drug imports
This government is connected to looting public money
This government is connected to wasting public money in many Mega projects
This government is connected to anti-minority hated campaign
This government is connected to BBS.
This government is connected to nepotism and family rule
This government is connected to thugs
This government is connected to perverting course of justice
This government is connected to employing family friends and relatives to diplomatic missions while qualified SLOS professionals are left out.
This government is connected to all sorts of corruptions

Yet, these are not made in public. People blindly support MR and Family and UNP and JVP should reveal all these dirty works of MR and co.

BBS is created to hide all these dirty works and evils of MR and co.

BBS is indeed, created to win Sinhalese votes by inciting hatred against minorities.

Will Sinhalese people realise these facts and send MR and family home this time.

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