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Mahinda’s Regime is Trembling

| by A Special Correspondent

( October 21, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) There is no doubt that MR regime is in a precarious position today than ever before. MR is going to commit a political suicide by calling for presidential election for a third term. Unlike in the western countries politicians who come to power with the mandate of people do not like to give up their seat of power in our country. This can be called as a power addiction or power physiology. Those people who have tasted power do not like to give up. It is very much similar to drug addiction. Ironically MR did all his dirty politics to change Sri Lankan constitution to stay i power. It is very clearly mentioned in Lankan constitution that any person who held the post of president for two terms is automatically disqualified to seek a third term. Yet, this crafty MR managed to manipulate Lankan constitution in his favour. It has been his habit to buy people with his power. How many UNP MPs crossed over from UNP to SLFP within last 7 years? It is a cunning stratagem of MR to buy people with his money and power. Unlike other Sri Lankan politicians, MR will do any dirty work to stay in power.

How many people have been killed in the name of politics by this regime? How many people have run away from the country in fear of life threat from MR and co? How many journalists left the country because of intimidation from MR & co? How many drug dealers are roaming in the country because of the protection they receive from government apparatus? MR follows the policy of G. Bush. You are either with us or with our enemy? MR has a habit of punishing anyone who goes against him. Look at what happened to S.F and look at what happened to former chief justice S.B. similarly many have been severely punished by MR and co. on the other hand, many of his friends, relatives, cohorts have been rewarded with high posts and positions in government department as if Sri Lanka is his family property or his family asset. How many unqualified people are given diplomatic posts by MR and co? His relatives are given many diplomatic posts in many foreign countries; his friends have been offered high posts in many governmental departments. One of his cousins without any basic qualification is the chairman of Sri Lankan Airline, Sri Lanka has a long tradition of selecting highly qualified professionals from SLOS examination for the post of diplomatic mission and Sri Lanka has indeed, produced some of best diplomatic professionals. After a long period of service in diplomatic service people are promoted to the post of high commissioners and ambassadors. This is done in the greater interest of Sri Lanka. People with good IQ and academic backgrounds are selected for Foreign Service in the greater interest of our nation. Yet, what happened in recent time is shocking. Many relatives and friends of MR and co are recruited to the post of Sri Lankan high commissioners without any diplomatic experiences and qualifications. As a thank giving some army commanders are promoted to the post of Lankan high commissioners just because they defeated LTTE. Today diplomacy is a demanding task. People who are selected for diplomatic missions needs some solid skills and qualifications yet, in Sri Lankan army commanders and friends of MR are given these posts at the expenses of national interests.

A Sinhalese friend of mine told me that only 500.000 thousand people around MR and co family benefit from this government. He says that these people are milking the government apparatus today. He says it is MR and his extended family, MR and his close friends and MR and his cohorts who support him from armed forces of Sri Lanka are benefiting and milking these governmental departments. It is very much similar to Qadafis rule over Libya or Sadam Husain’s rule over Iraq. MR is a constitutional dictator who is protected by Lankan constitution.

Thanks to courageous JVP Leader who has the courage and bravery to expose some of shocking revelation of corruption and nepotism of MR and co family rule in Sri Lanka. No president in Sri Lankan history has exploited the executive power as MR has done for the last 9 years. No president has damaged the economy of Sri Lanka as MR has done recently. All his mega projects are utter failure. Millions of dollars are wasted in Sea port project in Hambantota. Millions of dollars are wasted in Mattala airport projects. Matta airport could become a ghost town sooner or later. Millions of dollars are wasted in mega projects that are not suitable to Lankan needs and demands. MR and family control the entire government apparatus. His Family dominates all governmental departments. This method of ruling never happened in modern Sri Lankan history. This is very much similar to some sort of dictatorship. MR and co have managed to manipulate Lankan constitution into a form of dictatorship with power vested on them by constitutional rights.

Today in Sri Lankan parliament we have more than 50% of MPS who do not have any formal qualifications. Some of them even do not have GCSE A/L qualifications. How could these people debate any issue in the parliament. What type of legislators are these people? What benefits these people can bring to this nation? You do not need to name them here and yet; a cursory examination into the profile of some of these people would give us some clue about the pathetic situation of Sri- Lankan parliament today. Do not we have qualified people in Sri Lanka?

Today, people are suffering a lot because of price hiking. People cannot afford to live any more with money they earn? What is the point to have mega projects and express ways if people cannot afford to make ends meet? Most of the mega projects and constructions works are done with the money borrowed from China. China does not do charity works in Sri Lanka rather it does business in Sri Lanka. It makes money in Sri Lanka. It has its geological and economic interest in Sri Lanka. Otherwise, China would not come to help us.

The crafty stratagem of MR and co can be exposed with some statistics and figures. You do not need to be a political scientist to know the dirty works of MR and co. Recently he made many concessions for Sri Lankan people. These concessions are nothing but eye wash to deceive people. These concessions are made to buy vote in this elections. Gas and electricity prices are reduced, jobs are promised to teachers, promotions are given to police officers, army officers, and promises are made to construct many roads, these are nothing but to cheat voters, In Jaffna some projects are done to buy votes and yet, Tamil people have not forget their recent history.

For MR and co this election is ‘do or die’ situation. They have to win this election otherwise; they will be wiped out from the face of this world or end up in jail for many obvious reasons. They have earned a lot of enemies within the last few years. They have failed to learn lessons from the political history. For this reason they will do whatever they could do to win this election. It can be expected that this election would be most fraudulent one in Sri Lankan history, because, MR and co will do their dirty works in this election.

Today people in Sri Lanka know all these dirty works of MR and they know that MR and family are jolly riding in the name of politics. People had enough of these family ruling. Moreover, most of senior members of SLFP are not happy with MR and co. most of them are made to bow down to members and they are totally marginalised. Some of them are like slaves and made to listen and obey to MR and family. Many of them want to cross over and waiting to see any opportunity to do so. Some of them have already said that in public. How long Mr and co could keep cheating people. Today people have realised that they need a change. They need a real change in politics. That could happen and will happen soon.

Tamil parties would never vote for MR and co. Muslims parities would never for vote MR and co. SF and JVP will never vote for MR and co. Many of SLFP Members will cross over to UNP nearing the election. Moreover, UNP has got some solid traditional vote bank. With all these predications, this time MR and co will go home.

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