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A Couple killed and burnt on the accusation of blasphemy

| by Xavier P. William 

( November 5, 2014, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) A mod attacked a Christian couple who worked at the brick kilns in Kasur district and then burnt the bodies in the kiln.

Shahzad Masih and his wife Shama belonged to Clarkabad, but had settled in Chak 59, a village near Kot Radha Kishan in Kasur District southwest of Lahore.

Masih 34 and his wife 31 moved to Chak 59 almost 3 to 4 years ago and started working for Yousaf Gujjar owner of the brick kiln.

Protest against the law
According to the DPO (District Police Officer) Kasur Jawad Qamar, "Muhammad Irfan a worker at the kiln spread the news that the couple had brunt the pages of the Quran and they should be punished for this disrespect and a mob gathered and attacked the couple and killed them."

Shahzad Masih`s brother Arshed Javed said, " On sunday Shama was cleaning her quarter near the brick kilns and she had found some old stuff her deceased father in law used, there were some papers and amulets. She gathered everything and threw away and then latter burnt the trash. One of the co-workers at the kiln saw the papers that were burnt and spread the news that Shama had burnt the pages of the Quran, but actually they were some pages of some magic spells which were with the amulets which were used by her father in law. The news spread and the mob gathered early morning on Tuesday and attacked my brother and his pregnant wife. The mob killed them, desecrated their bodies and threw them in the kiln."

He further said, " this is a great injustice, my brother and his wife were falsely accused of blasphemy the police was informed about the attack, there were 5 policemen present when they were desecrating the bodies, but they stood there and watched as the mob threw their bodies in the kiln. We have taken their 3 children who are in the state of shock due to the incident. We appeal for justice for my brother and his wife."

Later the police along with the DPO went to the area and scattered the mob, the security has been increased to control the law and other situation.

The Chief Minister Punjab took notice of the incident and has formed a committee to investigate the matter and arrested the culprits.

The police registered a case against the mob and has arrested over 45 people so far to interrogate.

Human Rights Organization Life For All Pakistan has condemned the incident “This is tragic, attacking and burning the innocent on the basis if mere accusation is a mockery of the legal system. We have witnessed in the past that mobs have been pressuring and taking the law in their own hand, such incidents were not condemned by the religious leaders which has encouraged this mob to take the law in their hands. If some concrete action would have been taken in the past such barbaric incident could have been averted. From a legal standpoint, the perpetrators of this hideous crime, should be apprehended, tried and brought to justice for taking the reigns of law into their own hands. These self-appointed enforcers of the law should be made an example of. This unlawful yet effective public execution serve as a deterrent for those who toy with the sentiments of religious believers, test their patience and antagonize them by desecrating what they cherish above all else.

In Pakistan even being accused of blasphemy is equivalent to the sentence itself, we have witnessed that a mob had burnt a mentally unstable man in Bahawalpur, recently a blasphemy accused was attacked in the jail by a guard.

On Wednesday we will join the family as they carry out the funeral rites and we will ensure that the authorities take concrete steps to ensure that the family gets justice.

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