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Rajapaksa & His Political Trajectories

| by A Special Correspondent

( November 8, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) What is the political trajectory of MR and co? This is one of puzzling questions in Sri Lankan politics today. Each and every Lankan asks this question today in the context of prevailing political scenarios. Are we descending into a sort of dictatorship in Sri Lanka? If so what sort of dictatorship is this? Why and how MR does take this country into his style of dictatorship. Can he get away with is political impotence and how long he could maintain his grip on his power and can he pass on his political legacy to his sons or siblings? These are some of the questions that come to the minds of people today in Sri Lanka.

Let us now examine why MR take this country into his style of dictatorship.

Firstly, it is assumed that majority of Sinhalese people regard him as a King today for liberating the country from the barbarism of LTTE. As thanks giving he reckons that people will support him forever until he dies. He still believes that people are behind him. He still maintains that he has got a strong support from people. This is indeed, a superficial and irrational blind belief. He reckons that he could win a third term if he contested once again. This is his firm conviction and faith. For that reason he has taken all steps to gain support of people. He is dreaming in his political dreams without knowing the ground reality. Of course, he is trying to exploit the weakness and disunity of opposition in his favours and yet, his grip on power is fading away day by day. That is why he is rushing though to hold presidential election even though he has no more years to complete his presidency.

People are suffering from economic hardship today than ever before. MR made lots of concessions for some sections of people to get their support. Teachers are promised to get tax free motorbikes, and government employees are promised to get salary increments. Many more concessions are made to deceive people in election. Can he fool public always? Do people trust him today as they did 10 years ago?

His political trajectory is to win this election by any means. Why is this? It is because he knows well that if he fails to do so he will end up in jail or he will have to leave the country. Unlike previous presidents he would not be able to live in peace once he retired from politics. Anura Kumara rightly said that When JR retired from politics he went back to his own house to live peacefully. When CB completed her two terms he returned to her home to live in peace. Same like that all Lankan politicians when they completed their political careers they returned back to their normal life with respect and dignity. Yet, MR cannot do that? Why because he will have to answer to many people. He will be summoned to court for the miscarriage of justice. He will be questioned for perverting the course of justice in many cases and manipulating constitution. Moreover, he has earned a lot of political enemies within last 10 years. He has politically revenged many and he is well known for his craftiness and corruptions. His nepotism and family domination in politics is well known to everyone. The scale of corruption is unprecedented today in Sri Lanka. This is perpetrated by MR and co with his approval and content. For these reasons; he will have to win this forthcoming election or face the consequences. He is like a monkey that trapped his neck in between two pieces of carpenter’s wood.

Now he needs to save his neck from his political enemies in Sri Lanka. For these reasons, MR plans to put forward one of his children in his place. He does not want his siblings take over his place rather he would prefer to give place to one of his sons. He would prefer that one of hi sons inherit him rather than any of his siblings. In this way, he hopes that he could save his neck from the anticipated danger. It is reported that there is a cold war in his extended family circle to get the post of prime minister and President. It is reported that Goata and Basil dream to get these posts and yet they do not know that people do not like this family any longer and people are fade up with the scale of corruption they have done within the last 10 years and they do not have any confidence in this family rule any more.

In short, MR wants to imprint his political legacy in Sri Lanka. He wants to create a political legacy for his family name. He wants one of his sons follow his footstep after him. In this way he dreams that he could secure his protection and safety. That is why he changed Lankan constitution and now he seeking a third term so that he could convincingly promote one of his sons to take over the presidency after him. That is the hidden trajectory of MR right now. This is his long term ambition and projection.

Will Sri Lankan people allow that to happen? Will opposition parties permit that to happen in modern Sri Lanka? Time will tell us which way Sri Lanka is heading. Is it heading to become a vibrant democracy in Asia or a violent dictatorship?

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