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Sri Lanka: Rajapaksa family devours the economy

( November 8, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Rajapaksa family has devoured the economy of the country as the fraudulent budget has been presented targeting the presidential election to be held soon point out economists. They say the economy of the country would soon completely breakdown due to the process that is being blatantly carried out violating state financial policy.

This warning is being made as government expenses have been raised by Rs.356000 million. This colossal increase in expenses has been carried out without following any accepted process and even the manner this money is to be allocated has not been revealed they point out.

According to the budget proposals presented on 24th October Rs. 1,219,300,000,000 (1,219,300 million) has been allocated for Rajapaksa family. Economists say another sum of Rs.356000 million has been again added to this amount. Accordingly, the expenses of the ‘family’ have been raised by Rs.1,575,300,000,000 (Rs.1,575,300 million).

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