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Waves of political storm in Sri Lanka today

| by A Special Correspondent

( November 21, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is often said that affairs in politics could change within a few days or few hours. This is exactly true to the Sri Lankan politics today. Now many MPs are crossing over to UNP. The waves of politics dramatically changed in Sri Lanka today. Now many MPs of Ruling party turn their back to MR and want to join UNP. It is now too late for MR to stop them crossing to UNP. Most of MPs are frustrated the way they were treated by MR and co family for the last 9 years. Most of them did get the respect they deserve during these nine years. To be honest, it is not the fault of MR Rather his siblings have greatly damaged his name and his reputation.one could argue that they have destroyed the SLFP party and its good political principles and doctrines. Today, SLFP is a man show business or family business. 

More importantly Goata spoiled the good name of SLFP party and senior members of SLFP who devoted more than five to six decades of their life did not get the respect they deserve during the last ten years of MR’s ruling. They are really agitated and they are really irritated with behaviours of MR family in politics. I still remember how all previous presidents of Sri Lanka highly respected their senior ministers. No previous president interfered in the personal matters and official duties of senior MPs. Senior MPs had full freedom to work under previous presidents. What happened under MR is MPs are made to be gagged and fully controlled by the siblings of MR. To be honest they are not allowed to make their own decisions and they are politically bullied and they are made to obey and listen to MR family members.

For the last 10 years they tolerated and they maintained the patience. They have been waiting for this day to make up their minds. That is why today we see one by one MPs of ruling coalition are departing. Now it is high time for the MPs from minority communities to make up their minds soon. I'm sure most of Tamil and Muslims politicians will change their colour sooner rather than later. 

It is great news that UNP and their partners have done their homework well. 

Now there is gossip that Maithripala is going to be a common candidate and yet UNP is ready to support his candidature. If he crossed over to UNP or becomes a common candidate it would a big blow for MR and co.

We could expect a lot of cross overs in coming days. In Sri Lankan politics people do not do politics for their political ideology or philosophy except JVP. Only JVP members are strictly adhering to their political doctrines and principles. All other party members are changing their parties when political tides change. Today political tide is changing in Sri Lanka. 

I think that MR should blame himself for this political mess up. He underestimated the danger that encircles his political destiny. He earned a lot of enemies. Even JR or Peremadasa did dare to have such a large numbers of political enemies. MR has got so many political enemies within his party as well as outside of his party.

All these people have been waiting for a good time to politically revenge him. I think that is what takes place today. Even in this last minutes MR is trying to buy people with his money and power. It is reported that FS has been given right to vote so that he could make division between opposition and I do not think that this crafty trick will work now. FS has been severely punished by MR for the last ten years how could he forget that now. I do not think that he would change his mind now. 

It is now right time for all small parties to make up their minds and support a common candidate who could save the country from the grip of MR family control. What went wrong in MR’s political hegemony? He had over confidence in his family dependence and earned the wrath of many in his party. More people did not like his nepotism and today, people are suffering and struggling to make end meets. All these so called development projects do not feed the people right now. People do not like the twist and manipulation of constitution 

For these reasons, MR will be heavily defeated this time. His down fall comes from his own family. He depended on his family too much for his politics and I think it back fired him this time. Time will tell us what is going to be his fate.

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