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Sri Lanka: Key players of the Regime plan to flee the Country

( December 28, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A large number of powerful men in the government are making preparations to leave the country as soon as Mahinda Rajapaksa’s defeat at the presidential election is visible say internal sources of the government, reported in the local media today.

Among the group are very close associates of the President say these sources.

They would attempt till the last moment, even with illegal means, to get Mahinda Rajapaska win the election. According to these sources plans are being hatched to carry out various manipulations but if they fail their next alternative is to flee the country. Most of them are US citizens say sources.

According to the sources a majority of ministers and MPs supporting Mahinda Rajapaksa have been denied information regarding the secret plans of the group as others would definitely move towards the common candidate if they come to know the final plans of the group.

According to a very reliable source the group, while engaging in the election campaign, has made the necessary moves to leave the country and many of them have had their relatives living abroad made aware of the plan.

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