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Folks; We Are Still Blocked In Sri Lanka But We Still Care

This is your year; do not let anyone bribe you out of your rights with cheap politics of delusion

(January 2, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka Guardian started in August 2007. The very first article published by us was an article written by Tisaranee Gunasekara, one of best writers ever produced by our Nation. Her article was about V Anandasangaree, the leader of the TULF, in where she reproduced the quote of Gilgamesh, “When a man is stalked by terror; when the man turns and stalks the terror…That man becomes a hero”.

Since then dozens of people have joined us from all around the world. The Sri Lanka Guardian turned into an outspoken media base in a very short period of time. We work without borders because of your contributions and the trust we built up with millions of readers around the world. As a result of this rich combination we archived over 25500 articles, news, essays etc. in the cyber world.

We produced and re-produced what we thought was good for our readers. We do not have any agenda to make a financial profit out of it or playing the role as a puppet of some agency. But our profit is you, the readers and writers who joined us in last few years.

There was a time we had to visit Internet Cafés in order to upload our material, spending the money reserved for our daily meals. But we did it without hesitation. The Guardian is the result of commitment, reaction to the unjust in un-free societies and stepping forward to a meaningful life.

We love committed people; we love freedom more than justice because there is no hope for justice if we don’t achieve real freedom.

Folks, the new dawn has risen. It has already passed hours while crossing your eyes. This is your year; do not let anyone bribe you out of your rights with cheap politics of delusion.

This year is more important for our society, for those folks who fight for real freedom and life. Let us hope for the best. Let us make our contribution for achieve a society based on equality, fraternity and unity.

Folks; the Sri Lanka Guardian has been blocked by the government of Sri Lanka since 2011. We noted the Free Media Movement (FMM) in Colombo, taking up our issue many times whiles some other folks and organisations were ignored, talking particular about us on “some unknown reason”.

We hope this new dawn will open all our eyes to tell the truth of what we have seen and experienced. It will lead us to take action, wisely.

Meanwhile our special thanks to taking up our issues by the international media originations such as the RSF and ICJ and those media such as Al Jazeera, AFP, AP, CNN, BBC, France 24, Counter Punch, and dozens of media who quoted us.

Let the humanity to prevail with higher degree in this society.
Let the freedom to touch every heart and mind of this beautiful world.
Let all folks to walk out from their cages and sing the songs of freedom.

Folks, true, Sri Lanka Guardian blocked by the Sri Lankan government for our viewers in Sri Lanka, but we care because the repressive regimes can take only the cowardly decision!

We know you are with us. You have started to think beyond the boundaries and you are ready to kick out the deception of phony patriotism.

We wish you healthy New Year ahead so that you may take meaningful decisions, both for you and for the next generation!

Sri Lanka Guardian

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