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Tamil Diaspora to the President Maithri

| by V. Sivalingam

Message of Congratulations on Presidential election in Sri Lanka

( January 11, 2015, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) On behalf of the NRT-SL ( Non Resident Tamils-Sri Lanka) , I wish to express my heartiest congratulations on the decisive victory of the opposition common candidate Hon. Maithiripala Sirisena in the Presidential election.

The peaceful transition and the gracious exit of Mr. Rajapaksa made us all proud of our democratic traditions. This gives hope to all those who wish to be part of building a strong, united and inclusive Sri Lanka, where all communities live as equals and with dignity.

The antagonistic attitude of the Tamil diaspora versus the Sri Lankan Government during the outgoing presidency is fundamentally flawed and alienated majority of the Tamils in the diaspora. This outlook only helped the extremist separatist fringe in the diaspora to survive.

We, the Non Resident Tamils of Sri Lanka firmly believe that there is a need to have a new perspective in the relationship between the Government of Sri Lanka and the non –resident Tamils living and working overseas.

It is important to formulate a positive and transparent policy to integrate the non- resident Tamils and their resources in the task of nation building. There is an urgent need to create conducive atmosphere for the non- resident Tamils to confidently participate in building a modern Sri Lanka of the 21st century.

We are looking forward to work with the new policy makers to facilitate the participation of non-resident Tamils as one of the stake holders in building a strong united Sri Lanka.

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