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Sri Lankan Secretary to the MoD in Russia to finalise the deals

( March 23, 2018, Moscow, Sri Lanka Guardian) Secretary to the Ministry of Defence In Sri Lanka, Kapila Waidyaratne PC has left the country for Russia on an “Official visit”, reliable sources in the Ministry of Defence, as well as the Sri Lankan Embassy in Moscow, told the Sri Lanka Guardian.

However, we can offer no details on his visit at the moment, but unconfirmed sources among the key players of the ruling alliance assumed that he went to Russia to finalise much delayed controversial defence agreement, including the agreements for buying a Russian-made Gepard-5.1 frigate, Fighter jets, with Russian Federation.

Kapila Waidyaratne was appointed as the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence on 04th July 2017. He is the third Secretary to the Ministry of Defence under the current government, is serving.

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