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The Diversity of life in Britain

Public sick of Brexit, but could it be a life chance for Britain?

by Victor Cherubim

( May 6, 2018, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Where else in the world can you have so much diversity of opinion, so diverse culture, so much going on, on so many fronts, yet so little for ordinary citizens to really get "hot under their collar," or even snap their cool, hardly to start a revolution on the streets.

Walk down a street in Britain especially the bigger cities, you will notice people with different colour, creed, costume, culture and language. You will see people with different hair, skin, eye colours. They may be white, brown or black skin, blond, brown, black, red or multi-coloured hair, with blue brown or green..

They may be from Poland or from Polynesia, they may look different, speak different languages, worship different religions, but they are still considered British?

People have moved from all over the globe, from time immemorial, over the ages, bringing with them their own culture and often trying to keep their British identity and their own traditions of their home countries alive. A good example is the Notting Hill Carnival which celebrates the Caribbean culture, yet a big part of British life.

Of course, "when push comes to shove" the natives call each other names, as much they themselves are Anglo Saxons in origin. "You Paki go back home, you Jamaican go play cricket in your beach, you slit eyes, find your chop sticks," are construed as racist, but spoken in jest?

But where else in the world can you find the "Son of a Gun," sorry, the son of a migrant bus conductor from Pakistan, take over the reins as Home Secretary of H.M. British Government, the most powerful job in the realm, in charge of British security.

Where else can you have a Marxist learning left wing politician, a man who opposes Trident and who can get away without condemning ant-Semitism, as the Leader of Britain's Government in waiting, the Leader of the Opposition.

Where else can you also find a new Home Secretary allowed to say in public:"I'll be decent and fair to everybody, including to Windrush migrants," as if by admission all previous incumbent Home Secretaries, from times gone by, were all bigots.

Where else can you find a country where the Prime Minister backs a probe into claims that the Speaker of the House of Commons, bullied a male Private Secretary, mimicked him, swearing and shouting, once smashing a mobile phone at the desk in front of him."

Where else could Britain's first ethnic minority Home Secretary, Rt.Hon. Sajid Javid be hit with a wave of online trolling from both the left and the right and brand him an immigrant "coconut, an Uncle Tom" on social media.

Where else could a white pensioner who sent a racially abusive letter to Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, be awarded a 12 month Community Order for referring her as "black vermin."
The facts of geography, history and commercial history of Britain are not going to change even if the planet Uranus, will change signs in the galaxy on the 15 May 2018, 84 years after its earlier transit. The prediction of soothsayers is that the world, will not be the same ever again.

Public sick of Brexit, but could it be a life chance for Britain?

Over the years the word Brexit has meant so many things, to so many people, in so many places in Britain. Yet D-Day when Britain leaves the EU is only months away. Brexit D-Day is 29 March 00.00 Brussels Central European Time (23,00 hrs Greenwich Mean Time).The House of Lords has vetoed the Withdrawal Bill so many times in the past month, that nobody wants to remember the number of defeats. As at 1st May 2018,the count was 10 times the Peers defeated the Government's flagship EU Withdrawal Bill.

The Brexit War Cabinet delayed a decision on UK's Customs arrangements after failing to reach agreement in a crunch meeting for the Prime Minister to ask her officials to draw up "revised proposals" for Ministers to consider again the new proposals..Rumour has it that six out of eleven Ministers were not in favour of the current proposals.

Brexit backing Tory MP's have made threats to withdraw their support from Prime Minister Theresa May, if she rejects their demands for a clean break.

Theresa May, a Woman of Steel

Everyone knows if not for Prime Minister Theresa May's position, steadying the Conservative Party, the country would be made the laughing stock of Europe. "This is the first time she has misstep Brexiters and like it or not she relies on that support." This is a new dynamic.

Everyone knows that the Euro economy has lost speed. Growth in the EU economy has lost some of its momentum at the beginning of 2018, although the expansion continued at a healthy pace well above that of the UK.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line as all know, Britain is well ahead in other fields. Take the race for Technology, Britain is far ahead of the game to transform the economy beyond recognition. We are told, firms such as, "Swift Key, the predictive text firm, Lumo, which uses Met Office Data and Air Traffic information to predict flight delays, GTN which develops new medicines through machine learning, Babylona Digital Diagnostic Service, now in use in the NHS, Deep Minds now part of Google , all think Britain is the best place for technological innovation of the future.

IBM and Silicon Valley are things of the past, with the work that IBM did now being farmed out to many companies overseas.

Britain has many advantages over Europe or even the U.S., in the future. For a start,it has a global language, many say a robust legal architectural system, a feasibly light but fairly effective regulatory atmosphere. These will give Britain a head start, whatever happens to Brexit.

Besides, Britain leads the world in financial Technology. London's Imperial College, Oxford and Cambridge Universities form a triangle of innovation.

EU regulations have over the years become very heavy handed. United States has become more Protectionist, China is moving ahead and so is India, but it will take a while to catch up with Britain in A.I., with the right skills and the acceptably regulatory business framework.

Whichever way the Brexit cookie crumbles in future, the magic of Britain, is its ingenuity in innovation.

Astronomers project the trailblazer planet, "Uranus" could change the Universe we know and are accustomed to in the future. There could be what they call "creative destruction" and chaos around the world. The one overriding benefit for Britain is its genius as a nation, for the risk it is taking with Brexit. The swiftness of this change and the accompaniment of ingenuity in accepting change vs stagnation, may well be the reward for Britain.

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