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Sri Lankan Air Force to overhaul Ukrainian Antonovs in Russia

by Our Diplomatic Editor
(August 3, 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lankan Air Force has a little reputation for their anti-graft mission, but, the institute has well-established records for corruption. Like in the past new defence deal has been approved by the top where they are going to overhaul three Ukrainian Antonov flight, AN-32B brand, in Russin soil.
“Tender has tricked as usual, but this time in a different shape”, a reliable source in the Ministry of Defence said.
“According to the recommendation by the top of the institute, the tender was won by a Russian company called, MFG. But, Antanov brand is from Ukraine. It is well known the prevailing diplomatic rift between these two countries. Ukraine has never given any authorization to Russian entity to overhaul their defence production,” the source added.
“Who is the local agent of this Russian MFG, and what is his/her motivations and involvements with the Sri Lankan Air Force? is the million dollar question,” the source mocked.
Upgrading an An-32 of the Sri Lankan Air Force.- in Kiev – Ukraine – April 25, 2009

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