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Indo-Sri Lankan policies in Arabic language and Arabic colleges

When will our Sri Lankan Sinhalese community wake up from their deep sleep? 

by Dr SLM Rifai

Sri Lankan political leaders must follow Indian political leaders today in helping minority communities. As soon as Modi is elected for his second term, Surprisingly he announced that he would like to upgrade all Arabic colleges in India, He wanted to see that all Arabic college graduates are trained in modern education. This includes some dramatic changes in Arabic college syllabus, Arabic college teaching and Arabic college education. It is reported that each Arabic college will be given computer facilities and other modern teaching facilities. Moreover, drop outs from Arabic colleges will be trained in educational and vocational training. He wants to concentrate his second term in supporting poorest of poor in India. This includes helping all minorities. What a brilliant idea this? what can Sri Lankan political leaders learn from Indian PM today? I think PM Modi of today is different Modi of the past. He appreciates the richness of Indian human resources. Indian human potentiality is very much rich in this modern digital world. Indians are dominating IT sectors in the world. They are better than Chinese in IT. .Today, most of US IT companies hire Indian IT professionals. PM Modi can no longer ignore the human potentiality of 200 million Indian Muslims. He understands well the potentiality of Indian Muslims and their connection with Arab countries. He wants make use of this Indo-Arab connection to develop India. PM Modi knows well that millions of Indians work in Middle Eastern countries.

PM Modi has rightly grasped the potentiality of Arabic college graduates at this movement in this modern world. He is not only a clever politician but also a successful businessman too. He uses his business skills to make use the potentiality of Indian Arabic college graduates. Indian Arabic colleges produce thousands of graduates each years. These Indian Arabic colleges graduates could make a fortunate for India if they were well trained in IT sectors and send to work in Middle East. He has taken some right decisions to make use of their potentiality for Indian economy. I really appreciate the brain behind this project. This shows Indian policy makers and economists are shrewd and very much cleverer than other Asian countries. I think that Indian government gets more remittances from Middle East than any other countries in the world. This shows Indian politicians are business minded and they know well how make use of golden opportunities. Rather than sending drivers into Middle East countries, India could send qualified IT professionals. This is a brilliant Idea.

What about Sri Lankan politicians? what do they think about Arabic language and Arabic colleges? what do they think about the human potentiality of Sri Lankan Muslim community today? While Indian policy makers are promoting Arabic language and Arabic college Education, Sri Lankan policy makers are demoting Arabic language. In fact, Sri Lankan politicians are thinking how to wipe out Arabic colleges and how to close down Arabic colleges? How to wipe out Arabic language from Sri Lankan soil? what a difference between Indian policy makers and Sri Lankan policy makers. In India a team of good policy makers and experts advise Indian PM and yet, in Sri Lanka a team of monks and racists advise Sri Lankan president? Otherwise, How could Sri Lankan government make some grave policy mistakes?

Some Sri Lankan politicians want to ban the use of Arabic language in public offices. Today, European universities are promoting Arabic language. Because, the Arabic language is a gateway for Middle East job market and yet, our narrow minded politicians want to wipe out Arabic and Arab cultures. By doing this, we make some grave mistake and harm for Sri Lankan economy. Today, more than 2 million Sri Lankans work in Middle Eastern countries. Most of them do odd jobs. Suppose they are fluent in Arabic language, they could get good professional jobs in Middle East. In return, these Sri Lankan people who work in Middle East could contribute to Sri Lankan economy. yet, some narrow minded monks do not read this from this perspective.

Humanity would not have seen the European renaissance and enlightenment ages without Arabs translating Latin and Greek books into Arabic in the middle ages. The European scientists and philosophers learned all kinds of knowledge from the works of Arabic translation from Spanish Muslims. The Arabic language had greatly contributed to the development of modern science and technology.Arabic is taught in many western universities for many reasons. Above all, millions of books have been written in Arabic and Moreover, Arabic is spoken by 400 million people today in the world.

Yet, some political idiots in Sri Lanka do not like to see Arabic letters anywhere in Sri Lanka. Compare the shrewdness of Indian politicians and the stupidity of some Sri Lankan politicians today. The Arab tourism is booming everywhere. Indians are many times cleverer than Sri Lankan politicians in promoting Arabic language. Japanese hotels not only give Halal food to its Arab tourists but also give prayers mates and prayer direction compasses. That is the business mind of Japanese people and yet, what is wrong with some Sri Lankan Sinhalese minds? why they want to close down all avenues of income generating opportunities. As a result of this narrow-minded policies, Sri Lankan people will suffer.

When will our Sri Lankan Sinhalese community wake up from their deep sleep? All countries around us are competing one another for international markets in business and services sectors. Yet, our Sri Lankan politicians are misguided by some monks.Sorry to say, Sri Lankan economy will suffer hugely if good economists and policy makers do not take some strong decision on this matter in the great interest of this nation. We will miss out some golden opportunities in business and tourism industries. What a missed opportunity for Sri Lanka was this? likewise, Sri Lanka is losing out many ways due to policy failures in many areas.

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