Sri Lanka’s Top Spy to file lawsuit against an INGO head for defamatory

The head of State Intelligence Service Major General Suresh Sallay to institute legal action against Yasmin Sooka and ITJP

First time for the Sri Lankan history, an acting intelligence officer has sent a letter of demand against an NGO Head for their alleged careless and misleading reports.

“Major General Suresh Tuan Sallay, the Incumbent Director of the State Intelligence Services of Sri Lanka has taken steps to send a Letter of Demand to Ms. Yasmin Sooka and the International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP)”, the statement received by the Sri Lanka Guardian has noted.

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According to the statement, “The said Letter of Demand sent through Major General Sallay’s Lawyer: Pasan Weerasinghe, Attorney-at-Law, states that on or about 01st June 2020, Ms. Yasmin Sooka, in her capacity as the Executive Director of the ITJP has issued a press statement making various defamatory remarks against Major General Sallay. The press statement is said to be published via the ITJP Sri Lanka’s website.”

“The Letter of Demand highlights the defamatory implications have resulted in parties with vested interests making attempts on the life of Major General Sallay. Further, the Letter of Demand goes on to mention the numerous awards and achievements of Major General Sallay and the resultant character and reputation he has thus garnered.”

“Further, it states that the defamatory remarks of Ms. Sooka published by the ITJP Sri Lanka website have caused unto the Major General’s character and reputation a significant damage, which the Major General has valued at 1 Billion Sri Lankan Rupees and in turn, demanded that Ms. Sooka and ITJP pay.”

“The Letter of Demand has also notified Ms. Sooka and the ITJP to cease and desist from issuing further defamatory remarks and the intention of Major General Sallay to seek litigative remedies, both Civil and or Criminal, if Ms. Sooka and the ITJP fail to adhere to said demands.”