Sri Lanka: Head of State Intelligence calls for impartial inquiry

Director-General of State Intelligence Service Major General Suresh Sallay has sent a letter to the Inspector General of Police requesting an impartial inquiry

by Our Defence Affairs Correspondent 

Director-General of State Intelligence Service ( SIS) Major General Suresh Sallay has sent a letter to the IGP requesting him to conduct an impartial inquiry into the unfounded allegations made by Member of Parliament Manusha Nanayakkara in Parliament recently. Accordingly, he has informed the Speaker of Parliament to take the necessary action regarding the utterances of baseless and misleading allegations. The letter, as seen by Sri Lanka Guardian, states that the MP fervently abused his parliamentary privileges by personally targeting the head of the prime intelligence arm in Sri Lanka, the SIS.  

Major General Suresh Sallay ( File Photo)

While denying all baseless allegations against him levelled by the MP, Major General Suresh Sallay reiterated in the letter that he had nothing to do with the Easter attacks or any form of terrorist activities. “It has been 3 years since the attacks, and I have given evidence multiple times before parliamentary and presidential commissions as well as Criminal Investigation Department. There exists no evidence to indicate, imply nor any finding from any investigations to suggest that I am complicit in these attacks.” Maj. Gen. Sallay reaffirmed.  

He further stated that he was deeply concerned about the repercussions of such baseless allegations. “These statements have created an environment where there are credible threats, serious consequences, that puts me and my family at great risk and jeopardizes our safety.

“I believe everyone will benefit from an impartial and unbiased investigation into these claims made by Mr. Nanayakkara. I would be much grateful if you could take necessary steps to commence an investigation at your earliest,” he added.