BMC closed down - salaries paid to workers for not working!

(June 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Following a vicious protest launched by the Building materials corporation (BMC) employees at Sangaraja Mawatha, for non payment of their long overdue salary increments by the Govt., the BMC was closed down until further notice., on instructions from the Minister of Trade, marketing development and consumer affairs.
The Chairman had to be smuggled out with police escort, after he failed to stand by his promise to pay the workers the increments by 03rd June. He said, the Treasury has not released the funds.

The Chairman had told the staff through the Security Manager that their salaries would be paid on time however, even if they are not working!

What an arrangement by a Govt. which is ruthlessly and recklessly imposing tax hikes tariff hikes, price hikes and every known hardship on the people only to pay those who are idling and wasting !

Is it the Govt. gleeful policy that it is the people who must toil to oil the alleged corrupt, wasteful, idling decrepit Govt. machinery?
- Sri Lanka Guardian