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Fishermen continue crying

(July 07, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) Though the fishermen are nominally allowed to go to sea, they are being harassed in several ways.

Though they are allowed to fish for about 6-7 hours from about 8 am, those fishing in the Jaffna Lagoon are not allowed to take food parcels with them to have for lunch in the sea. They are also not allowed to use a particular type of fishing net earlier used by over 900 fishermen of this lagoon as the one most suited. Diving goggles are also disallowed when they go to sea, though they had been allowed to do so in the past.

The behaviour of the service personnel towards the fishermen is very rough and demeaning. Such type of behaviour towards them especially when they go to sea under so much tension, or when they return after toiling in the sea is unacceptable and causes much irritation of mind.

They are looked upon and treated by the forces as virtual enemies.


Torture is another abhorrent evil forbidden by global laws but is rampant here. Tenmaradchi and Valikamam North area are specially known for this crime by the forces and their armed groups. The victims do not volunteer to make any complaint or even to take medical treatment from medical institutions through fear because of the intimidating warnings given before release, if at all they are released. We are consoled to note that the AHRC (Asian Human Rights Commission) has recently taken note of it and published incriminatory reports about this.

Increased Cruelty

Cruelty towards fellow humans has become very common. People are being chopped and hacked to death or decapitated and thrown away. Even old people have been victims of this type possibly to silence them before looting their properties at homes.


Extortion is another common crime. If the victims challenge or refuse to comply, they are killed or abducted. Thus even the victims or their dependents do not like to give any details of the cruelty suffered there.

The saddest truth is that all these happenings take place in an area fully occupied by the Government forces with a very close network of security points set up all over to prevent any intrusion by the LTTE and mostly in the nights clamped down with a strict curfew when none other than the security forces or their agents can move about. The Tamil personnel in the forces are near nil.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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