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Increased Relaxation of Curfew

(July 07, Jaffna, Sri Lanka Guardian) We are happy that the near high level tension here was eased a little this week. The daily relaxation from 5 am to 7 pm of the indefinite curfew imposed continuously from 11, August 2006 was increased to 16 ½ hours (from 4.30 am to 9 pm) this week, thus permitting people to be out of homes till 9 pm enabling them to be involved more in their various businesses. Fishing in the Jaffna lagoon has been allowed again but with more restrictions. It had been banned after the reported attack at Sirutivu in that lagoon on May 29th night. Period now allowed: about 6-7 hours from about 8 am but available only to about half the number earlier allowed. The earlier nets too are disallowed and the fishermen are not allowed to lay their nets one day and collect the catch the following day. Fish get caught very much more in the night than in the daytime.

Mahatma Gandhi's India?

It is reported in the media that India has assured Sri Lanka of more supply of arms and ammunitions as a help in the current war, in order to outbid China and Pakistan and keep them out from gaining influence in Sri Lanka. It is a pity that India, has again volunteered with such supplies. It is also ironical and shameful that India which proudly calls Mahatma Gandhi the Ahimsaist and preacher and practitioner of Non-violence, the 'Father of the Nation' should be promoting this war even indirectly, instead of fulfilling the world's expectation that India would use its 'big brother' influence in this region, to stand for the rights of a crushed people, and to coerce and guide the warring parties to arrive at a negotiated settlement and lasting peace with justice.

Hope against hope!

On the other hand, it is consoling also to learn through the press, that India has suggested again that the recognition of the political rights in a Tamil region would be a workable solution to the ethnic question. Whatever it be, it is clear that this problem, contrary to what the Government projects, will drag on, perhaps in a still worse form, even if the North too is territorially captured and that a permanent solution will become a possibility or reality only with the facilitation or intervention of foreign nations truly and unselfishly interested in a peaceful and just settlement here.

(The statement on the local developments has released by the Cries from the Palmyra Grove.)
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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