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Machination of the South exposed in the eyes of the world!

- The Sudar Oli Editorial

(July 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The European Union delegation, that issued a report at the conclusion of the visit and held a press briefing, made startling revelations. Most importantly, they raised a question of the propriety of the APRC without TNA being included.

The EU delegation has expressed dissatisfaction over the government's manner of handling the issue of human rights violations in the country.

It has cautioned that the country may not have the concession of GSP+, if the government fails to address to the concerns of the international community over human rights violations, to take appropriate measures to contain them and to implement effectively its commitment to international treaties.

It has expressed concern over the failure of the government to stipulate a time frame to disarm the paramilitary groups that work with security forces.

It has made itself categorically clear that the EU delegation is of the view that the APRC is not properly constituted if TNA is not invited to attend its deliberations.

The report, the EU delegation released and the views they expressed at the press briefing, reflects that the delegation has grasped the problems in the right perspective consequent to its five day visit.

The observation made by the EU delegation indirectly hints at or suggests that the APRC is a ploy to mislead the international community.

Today, there are 23 Parliamentarians in the present Parliament representing the Tamil people. All of them except Minister Douglas
Devananda belong to Tamil National Alliance. An APRC is constituted to find solution to the ethnic problem without inviting the TNA. In such a context, how can it be an all party representative council?

The UNP is no more in the APRC. The JVP is no more. The TNA was not invited. Then how can it be considered an All Party council? The strategy was to have a council of members of parties that are allies of the government and thereafter to impose a solution they prescribe on the Tamil people without ascertaining their views or consent and the EU delegation has exposed this ulterior motive or machination in the name of ARPC!

(An English translation of the Editorial in The Sudar Oli, a Tamil daily, based in Colombo)
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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