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L.T.T.E stands for “Leading Tamils Towards Extinction”!

by Kumara Kaluarachchi

(July 29, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Tamil Tiger Terrorists fight two wars with the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL). First, the most important one is being fought in the international arena, with the participation of the Diaspora who are burning with the hatred towards the Sinhala people and the GOSL. The very Diaspora who were subjected to ethnic riots back in Sri Lanka, where they grew up in good old days are ever ready to fight that never ending war.

While the Diaspora fighting that “international” war with the GOSL, their children are attending the Colleges and Universities. Luckily for the offspring have their own worries in life. Rather than getting the chipset which their parents keeping in the shoulders the offspring are worried about their appearance, carrier and the life at large. They are not ready to associate with bunch of uneducated thugs who run the show in the guise of sole representatives of the Tamils. Not only that, they are well aware of the dangerous outcome if they are connected with a proscribed Terrorist Organization while living in a first world country.

Offspring of Diaspora know that the post 9/11 era is tough on Terrorism. They know that if they are connected to any sort of terrorist group even once, their career is going down the drain once and for all. Simply put, they will NEVER be a part of Terrorist leaders who collect extortion money from their parents!

Second war of Tamil Terrorists is being fought in the North and East of Sri Lanka. No Colleges or Universities for the Tamil kids living under LTTE control. Parents MUST “donate” their children to the LTTE. The remaining people are conscripted in to “Makkal Padai” and given an armed training. The ordinary Tamils live in the areas controlled by the LTTE suffer worst living conditions. They have no adequate food or acceptable medical care. They have no freedom or democratic elections. There is no room for dissident ideas in LTTE land. People live in mono-ethnic environment under a brutal dictatorship.

Although Tamil Terrorists claim that East is part of their land, at the moment GOSL is ruling over the Eastern Province. Even in the Northern part of the island, Tamil Terrorists are loosing big time. Perhaps those unprecedented losses in the battleground make Tamil Terrorists “humble” and make themselves to declare seize fires!

After fighting for nearly 30 years, LTTE Terrorists have not achieved anything significant for the Sri Lankan Tamils. However the LTTE Terrorists managed to kill thousands of civilians (Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim), political leaders, professionals, dissidents and most importantly international leaders such as Rajeev Ghandhi. More than 2/3rd of Tamils live in Sri Lanka prefer to live in the GOSL controlled areas among the Sinhalese. It is said that LTTE has killed much more Tamils than all the other vicious forces combined.

Therefore one has to think of LTTE acronym seriously and adapt that accordingly. I propose that the L.T.T.E stands for “Leading Tamils Towards Extinction”!

(The Writer is an Editor of the Lanka Journal Web site. He can be reached at lankajournal@gmail.com )
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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