LTTE fighting (a losing battle) for Kilinochchi

(August 20, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Despite fierce resistance, the LTTE's last bastion in the Northwestern coast at Nachchikudah may fall in the coming days. LTTE took steps to reinforce Nachchikudah with fighters from the Jaffna FDL. They have also dug a large trench from Nachchikudah to the interior of Karachchi situated in Kilinochchi District (to the northeast).

The trench war is seen primarily in Mannar and the Northern FDL where tank and Mechanized Infantry Units are lurking. However, it should be a matter of time before the trench is infiltrated by 58 troops specially trained for the task.

Special Forces and 3 Commando Regiment troops have started ambushing reinforcements from Kilinochchi to Nachchikuda, Tunukkai and Mallavi. The route from Kilinochchi to Nachchikuda/Uylankulam, Tunukkai and Mallavi is being infiltrated by Special Forces and 3 Commando elite teams on a regular basis. This is in addition to regular troop operations.

The Special Forces, deployed as an Independent reserve operating primarily from Vavuniya, last week ambushed a convoy of Tigers who were riding a captured Army Buffel southeast of the town of Akkarayan at Akkarayankulam in Kilinochchi near the Mulaitivu-Kilinochchi border. In the same area, troops from 3 Commando ambushed another convoy of Tigers. Casualties to LTTE is unknown.

Fighting continues at Uylankulam as 4 Gemunu Watch troops surround Tunukkai from the rear and hold LTTE reinforcements from Kilinochchi at bay. The sheer number of fronts the SLA has opened up from Northwest of Tunukkai to Mallavi, Uylankulam and Nachchikuda is thinning out Tiger manpower as they fight to fend off the SLA from Kilinochchi Town, just 13kms away. Special Forces and 3 Commando troops are within striking distance of Kilinochchi Town already. (DW)
- Sri Lanka Guardian