International Elders’ Day

by Douglas Devananda

(September 30, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) We are of the belief that Elders are the pioneer citizens of the people. Getting an opportunity to issue a message on behalf of the International Day of the Elders’ that is commemorated every year, is to my great happiness.

It’s indeed a matter of great importance to mark a special day on your behalf. It certainly is, as a gesture of honour and appreciation for the invaluable services you have extended to the society. Honouring you, I believe, in essence is paying our homage to the beloved land of ours and to the human race as a whole.

Life attains its perfection only through experience. I therefore believe that the Elderly society is a massive source of knowledge where younger generation needed to be in constant contact for guidance.

Elders right throughout in their lives have been subjected to many a vicissitude like; difficulties, obstructions, challenges, sufferings, comforts, etc. and also have been subjected to experiences that can not be even thought of. Such experiences are essential to the youngsters for a better tomorrow.

Imparting your knowledge and experience concerning the value of human life, destruction caused by war, social deterioration, to the contemporary generation is a great service that could be rendered to our country and human society, I believe.

The youngsters of today will be the Elders tomorrow, having well understood this reality determination should be made to work with each other cordially.

Peace and harmony need to be brought to this land of ours forthwith, for this purpose it is necessary to work together shedding all the differences that fragment our society.

I am aware that the Elders are subjected to immense difficulties due to the prevalent disturbing situation in the country. I therefore wish the dawning of peace again in this country of ours and establishment of democracy in its truest form. I sincerely expect your willing contribution in its entirety towards this end.

I wish you all health and long life.

(The Writer is a Member of Parliament, Secretary General EPDP & Minister of Social Services and Social Welfare)
- Sri Lanka Guardian