LTTE prepares for final push before Kilinochchi falls

(September 23, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Signs are the LTTE is planning for one last massive push before the Army breaks through to Kilinochchi. A number of counter attack teams have been assembled under LTTE leader Lawrence in the general area Akkarayan. Fighting could start any moment now between these teams and the 57 Division.

Sources indicated to DefenceWire that if this push is successfully beaten back, there is nothing standing in the way of the Army reaching Kilinochchi. Frontline field commanders aknowledge that Lawrence is the best in the LTTE for the counter attack having observed him at Vilattikulam where he was in charge until now.

Meanwhile rumors were ripe yesterday and today that LTTE's 'Colonel' Bhanu has been killed at Mankulam. Unfortunately no evidence exist to suggest that this is the case todate. Yesterday rocket attacks were launched on four identified positions at Mankulam based on ground intelligence. The target was indeed Bhanu.

Volleys of FuelAir rockets were launched which can ignite and incinerate an entire area by drawing oxygen from the air coupled with highly inflammable materials contained in a special warhead used by the Army. The casualties to the LTTE in this attack is not known as of now.

Bhanu has been busy in the Mankulam area trying to counter attack troops engaged in operations at Mallavi. He is one of the least capable 'commanders' the LTTE has ever produced. His demise, however, could have an impact on the morale of the Tigers.
-DefenceWire Report
- Sri Lanka Guardian