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People affected due to crisis!

- Virakesari Editorial

(September 02, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is condemnable that innocent people are caused to suffer following the on going war, shell attacks and bomb explosions.

In the Puthumuripu area, 5 persons including two children died and three were injured following shell attacks on Saturday. It is learnt that a large number of displaced people live in Puthumuripu area in Killinochchi following the advancement of the security forces towards Vanni.

Shell had fallen among the displaced people in this area. While the displaced people live without any basic facilities in this area, they face such attacks. This has caused frustration among the people.

It is a humanitarian act that the safety of the people is ensured during a war. Such attacks on innocent people, who are displaced, drive them to the brink of sufferings.

At the same time, 45 members of the public including children and women were injured in a bomb explosion in Olcott Mawatha in Colombo. These are acts of violence that cause a lot of worries.

The people, of this country suffer immensely due to sporadic acts of violence in the country. Therefore it is necessary to create an environment that is conducive for the people to live in peace.

(An English translation of the Editorial in Virakesari, a Tamil daily, based in Colombo.)
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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