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Jayalalithaa please wake up, You have work to do for the people of South India.

"We should grant her understanding Prabhakaran's blood splattered path towards a Tamil Eelam, better than any one else in South India as she has had at least a cinema screen experience of a blood thirsty vampire. But where she gets this political logic of a self determination is uncertain, as self determination is more complicated than she seems to think."

by Charles.S.Perera

(October 13, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The adulated Ammu, or Puratchi Thalaivi , who came to fame in South India acting as a vampire in Goodachari, and now as J.Jayalalitha leader of AIADMK, when invited by the Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi- infamous for his poem on the memory of Late Thamilselvam, for a joint party conference to discuss ways and means to help the beleaguered terrorist supremo "thalaivar" or "Sun god" Prabhakaran, called him names and refused to sit with him at the Joint Party Conference.

Muthuvel Karunanidhi the Chief Minister , very modern and depending judiciously more on the electronic media, called all supporters of the terrorist cause in Sri Lanka to send e-mails to the Prime Minister of India. The PM, inundated with e-mails had asked the other man not quite decided on terrorism Defence Secretary Narayanan to call the Sri Lanka High Commission and give him a piece of his mind.

The High Commission had apparently sent a Junior Diplomat, according to wise Jayalalithaa to meet Narayanan. Narayanan had an informal chat with the Sri Lankan Diplomat, and told him how up set the Central Government is with what is taking place in South India, than what actually is going on in Sri Lanka.

However, the South Indian political leadership seems to be in deeper trouble than we in Sri Lanka with UNP, JVP and TNA. On the other hand, the situation in India is still worse, with all its present problem with terrorism, Kashmir, and South India- not minding its own business. South India seems to have no other problem, other than interfering in to Sri Lanka's ethnic problem. On that issue as well South India cannot make up its mind, and not quite well in formed, their only source of information being the terrorist proxi party TNA .

The South Indian political leaders are accusing each other, each defending each one's own stand on the Tamil terrorist issue in Sri Lanka. Jayalalithaa supports the Tamils to the extent of its fight for self determination, but not for Tamil militancy or terrorism. That leaves out her support to the terrorist supremo Prabhakaran. But what is incomprehensible is the question of self determination, without terrorism. She does not seem to know what exactly she is talking about.

We should grant her understanding Prabhakaran's blood splattered path towards a Tamil Eelam, better than any one else in South India as she has had at least a cinema screen experience of a blood thirsty vampire. But where she gets this political logic of a self determination is uncertain, as self determination is more complicated than she seems to think.

But one should give credit to her having had thought of taking revenge from the terrorists in Sri Lanka for assassinating Rajiv Gandhi on South Indian soil. Karunanidhi does not seem to have such esteem to the late Rajiv Gandhi, more occupied composing poems for terrorists in Sri Lanka. However, Manmohan Singh should be warned to stay where he is without setting foot on the South Indian soil for some time.

Jayalalithaa has said that everyone knows her on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue. She has stated that the Tamils too are citizens with equal status like other citizens in Sri Lanka and they are not second class citizens. She emphasized that she fully supports the long-standing struggle of the Tamils, to get equal rights in law, education and employment opportunities and fully supports the moral struggle of the Sri Lankan Tamils, seeking self-determination.

She does not know what she is talking about, yet she thinks she can give practical advise to Sri Lanka. That in fact is what is intolerable with many foreign governments, persons and Institutions who think they can intervene to solve our problems without knowing the exact situation. They make statements without knowing any thing about Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has no problems with the Tamils living any where in Sri Lanka. The trouble caused to the Tamils in the north is not the making of the Government of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a responsible government. It is doing its best to extricate the Tamil population in the terrorists controlled areas from continued harassment by the terrorists in to Government Controlled areas, to give them shelter, health care, food, and clothing.

The Tamil population in Sri Lanka were never treated as second class citizens, and their right to health services, education, and employment opportunities have never been denied to them. Jayalalithaa must have awakened after a long slumber like Kumbhakarna to have these hallucinations, or her knowledge of foreign affairs is not balanced, lacks depth, and understanding.

Jayalalithaa should awake to reality, or learn from others before making false allegations. It is the terrorists that are killing, assassinating, massacring, and maiming the Civilians both in the North and South. The Sri Lanka Government was forced to use the army as a solution to stop terrorism, and has never forsaken the political solution to unite the different Communities in to a Nation.

Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi, and Vaiko, are outlandish incompetent foreign politicians as far as Sri Lanka is concerned. They only complicate the problem of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. The Tamil people of Sri Lanka are different from the clan Jayalalithaa and the rest represent. It is only the terrorists who try to create a new link with the South Indian crowd, therefore, Jayalaithaa should get in contact with Prabhakaran and try to advise him to give up ,his militancy and terrorism.

By far the better way Jayalalithaa can help the Tamils of Sri Lanka, is to leave the problem of Sri Lanka to be solved by the government of Sri Lanka, and look after many problems South India and Indian Central Government are faced with, at the moment.

Jayalalithaa speaks of selfish motives of Karunanihi. But then what are the motives of Jayalalitha, and Vaiko,? Are they any different from the selfish motives of Karunanidhi ? They are all selfishly roaring, seeking benefits from the terrorist problem in Sri Lanka to feather their own political nest. Unless south India washes its hand with the terrorist problem of Sri Lanka, it will soon be South India's own problem. Therefore, it would be wiser to keep off the affairs of Sri Lanka to the Government of Sri Lanka.

Only way Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, and Vaiko can help, as they have contact with the terrorists, is to ask the terrorist to surrender to the Government army, to save their own lives, that of their rank and file , and the poor civilians kept by them as human shields, in the areas still under their control.

India need not intervene to drop " parippu" to the population in the north, like they did some years back. The government is quite capable of looking after its own people in the North, East, West, and the South. The Government is sending food and medicine on a weekly basis to North, despite the fact the pro-terrorists are making use of that opportunity to send bombs, arms, and military material to the terrorists in the north, hidden inside food packets.

Our President is wise and acts with foresight. He could be an example to follow by the Indian politicians including Narayanan, and Manmohan Singh. As a politician Jayalalithaa has much to learn from the President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka, who is a wise, mature and a clever politician-in the true sense of the word.

The following two extracts are from a talk given by the President of Sri Lanka Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksemade at the All Party Conference for political reforms in Sri Lanka which give an insight to his political maturity:

"…..However difficult it may be, it is my belief that the efforts to find political solutions to political issues should be continued. It is my belief that there are no military solutions to political questions. The people have elected us to realize their aims and aspirations. It is our duty to ensure to the Tamil people of the North the same democratic rights as enjoyed by the people in all other parts of the country. Military operations have become necessary to eradicate terrorism from the country and enthrone democracy throughout the land,"

Speaking of the " terrorist" he said, "……."I wish to once again very clearly call on the LTTE to lay down their arms and surrender. They should act in this manner and enter the democratic political process. Our aim should be to ensure the democratic political rights of our Tamil brethren."

What more do you expect from a leader of the Nation ?
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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