Sea clash off the coast of Nagarkovil

(November 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A major clash erupted between the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) and Sea Tigers off Nagarkovil coastline early morning today. A large number of sea tiger boats including suicide craft were detected moving north in the seas east of Vadamarachchi by SLN Fast Attack Craft at around 5.20AM today (1st). A firefight erupted between FACs and LTTE craft and soon several Arrow gunboats from the Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) joined in. 4 suicide boats were destroyed and the LTTE has officially admitted the loss of 7 black tigers.

SLA believes at least 10 more regular sea tigers were killed in the confrontation but this has not been confirmed yet. 5 sailors of the SLN were injured and a FAC was slightly damaged in the incident. Additionally, the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) conducted a bombing raid on a sea tiger launch pad in Championpththu at around 8.30AM today. Pilots have confirmed the destruction of two LTTE craft and LTTE casualty details (if any) in the aerial attack is not known yet.

Meanwhile two friendly countries have offered their support to Sri Lanka to provide solutions for the threat from Air Tigers. This move comes after the tigers managed to bomb Colombo and fly back to Wanni while ground based air defences failed yet again to shoot them down. One of the countries that extended support for Sri Lanka is home to the company that makes Z-143 aircraft which the tigers have modified with locally built bomb racks.- DefenceNet Report
- Sri Lanka Guardian