Ampakamam falls to Task Force 03

(December 15, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Another LTTE held village in the Mullaithiv district, Ampakamam, was captured by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) on today (15th) morning. Ampakamam was an strategically important village for the LTTE and it was used for a number of military purposes including cadre movement and logistics transport. Small attack teams from VIR (Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment), SR (Sinha Regiment), SLLI and GR (Gajaba Regiment) attached to the Task Force 03 have been targeting LTTE fortifications in Ampakamam for a few days until the tigers were left with no choice but to flee.

Meanwhile, several pro LTTE media have been celebrating ‘victories’ achieved by the LTTE on the Kilinochchi front. One such article claimed that LTTE fighters killed over 120 SLA soldiers and injured another 250 or so troops. Actual SLA casualties are less than half of these figures and the SLA were not pushed back in any of those fronts. As reported earlier, Terumurikandy junction is under SLA control even as of this moment. Some humorous articles even suggested that SLA operations were being halted due to shortage of troops. These are not true. The army is actually planning to deploy another new division – The Task Force 05 – to the Wanni theater of battle in the coming days. - DefenceNet
- Sri Lanka Guardian