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Vaiko and the Expected Apology

by Helasingha Bandara

(December 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Vaiko’s anger and the futile attempt to get the Sri Lanka government to apologise to him for the so called joker remarks allegedly made by Sri Lanka’s much loved or almost venerated hero Sarath Fonseka indicate that Vaiko does not seem to be aware of the social concepts of ‘cyclical retaliation’, ‘boomerang’ or social norms such as ‘not to spit while looking up’, not to throw stones from glass houses etc. Nor does he seem to be aware of the democratic principles and human rights, freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

The Sinhalese hate Vaiko for inciting and abetting violence against them. The Tamils, the Muslims and the rest dislike him for his ignorance of the Sri Lanka issue. All of them despise him for his assumption that Sri Lankans are a tiny nation under Tamil Nadu that he can bully them as he wishes. First of all Sri Lanka as a country has never been under Tamil Nadu rule or for that matter Indian Rule. It has always been an independent state although there had been some South Indian invasions from time to time. The Sri Lankans had managed to repulse those invasions successfully whenever they occurred. With this in mind Sri Lankans be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or any other ethnic groups, do not like TN politicians to get involved in Sri Lanka’s internal matters or trying to bully them.

What can Vaiko expect from the Head of the army when he threatened to collect an army of people from India to go and fight his army? To call him a sensible politician? Think not. What should Nedumaran expect from the Head of the Army When Nedumaran threatens to land in Sri Lank with his men and concealed weapons? To call him a sensible politician? Think not. What can TN politician expect from the army commander when they go on accusing his army of genocide, rape, carnage and so on without seeing or knowing ground realities? To call them sensible politicians? Think not. All Sri Lankans agree that they deserve to be called opportunists, liers, hypocrites and enemies of Sri Lanka stat. Only the army commanders good up brining, gentlemanly manner and humorous nature may have restricted him to call them jokers if at all he did so. In comparison it was a complement to TN politicians as they deserve much worse.

How about asking for an apology from Vaiko for threatening to invade sovereign Sri Lanka? How about asking pro LTTE TN politicians to apologise for the agitations, demonstrations, and hunger strikes and so on that they carry out to divert the government’s course of action to eradicate terrorism? All Sri Lankans know such actions are based on mere nationalistic sentiments not on facts.

Let us cut the crap. TN politicians should not expect the Sri Lankan people to keep quiet when they work against their interests. When you shout you should expect to be shouted at unless you think you are God. Buddhists do not believe in God. Sri Lankans beware! TN politicians may be sitting next to God.
- Sri Lanka Guardian

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