An Anglican Conspiracy

by Lenin Benedict writes from Toronto

"I wish to announce to my people and to the country that I consider the verdict at this election as a mandate that “the Tamil Eelam nation should exercise the sovereignty already vested in the Tamil people and become free” Statement by Samue James Chelvanayagam after winning the by-election for the Kankesanturai Parliamentary seat held belatedly on 7th February 1975, two years after he had resigned the seat to seek a mandate for Tamil Eelam.

(January 10, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) In recent years, a lot of political changes have taken place in Sri Lanka. Political landscape has changed accordingly and people have also adapted to this political changes. Whether, for good or bad, political aliment with political parties constantly has changed due to prevailing situations. Politicians have switched sides, given birth to new political parties and alliances. There is a saying that only changing is the permanent one that never changes. But, a small elite group of Jaffna Anglicans remain the same as ever.

It is necessary to understand the nature of this group, before we enter into the subject in brief. There was a small group of a few elite Anglicans belonging to Jaffna, who always had the thirst for political power and status in the society.

This small group of elites has always tried to fill the vacuum in Tamil politics, which was created artificially by them supporting a separate homeland for Tamils and to grab the political leadership of Sri Lankan Tamils. Mr. Chelvanayagam, an Anglican started advocating for an Independent Tamil State in Sri Lanka for Tamils under the British Administration. The goals for a separate state were ratified on 14th May 1976 called the “Vaddukoddai Resolution” at the first national convention of the TULF under Mr. Chelvanayakam’s chairmanship. The convention called on "the Tamil Nation in general and the Tamil youth in particular to come forward and to fight for freedom and to fight till the goal of a sovereign state of Tamil Eelam is reached." Till today the TULF has not given up the “Vaddukoddai Resolution”. The same TULF preached to the youth that there was “no natural death for those who had different views”. It is very unfortunate that the same TULF leaders who preached this theory had the same fate.

From the days of the “Vaddukoddai Resolution”, the Tamil youths, without knowing the hidden agenda of these Anglicans, sacrificed their precious life for nothing but to keep these Anglicans in power. Even now the same elite Anglicans of Jaffna come under the pretext of democratic forums and try to grab the political leadership of the Sri Lankan Tamils. This elite Anglican group has never stayed in Jaffna with the ordinary Tamil civilians nor have they ever taken part in any of their sufferings at any time. They have always tried to fulfill the aspirations of their western masters who funded them. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which always harp on the Government of Sri Lanka, whenever and wherever possible, also fund these Anglicans. By creating an artificial status within the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka and in the Diaspora for this elite Anglicans, they have impressed their Western Masters. Hence their Western Masters are trying to fill the vacuum by replacing their Anglican slaves to rule the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka.

This elite group also enjoys a good relationship with Sri Lankan bureaucrats and all section of government departments, who respect this elite group for their academic performance and the other only valuable reason is for not engaged in any armed struggle against the state of Sri Lanka and make them believe that they are not a potential danger to Sri Lankan State. But the real and shameful truth is these Anglicans are the one who are the real culprits who mislead Tamil Youths and inspired them to take up arms against the Government of Sri Lanka. These elites are capable of traveling all over the world, especially to any corner of Europe since they have their blessings of their Anglican counterparts in the European Union.

Monetary support to continue higher education and Ph.D.s to this elite group are a tools used to control this elite Anglicans by their masters. The education in Europe and command over the English language gives them an added advantage to their mission.

As of LTTE they are a known visible enemy. But we Sri Lankans have to be very careful with an invisible enemy, who live with us pretending to be one amongst us, but in fact carry out a mission against the people of Sri Lanka and the democratically elected Government of Sri Lanka. We have to identify these elements within us who are well organized and have a powerful mechanism backed by western powers to fulfill their aspirations and nip it in the bud itself. Better late than never!
- Sri Lanka Guardian